Valery Kaurov: «Your fight for freedom and liberty has overwhelmed the whole world»

Tue, 07/10/2008 - 19:08

On 5th of October a Ukrainian delegation led by chairman Valery Kaurov from all-Ukrainian social consolidation «United fatherland» has visited the capital of South Ossetia - Tskhinval. The delegation has a safety stock in its aim «All children are common» and invited children to take a rest in Odessa. During a month children will be attended by there parents taking rest at sanatorium «Victoria».
The main staff of delegation has arrived from Odessa. Eleonora Bedoeva (the Government vice - chairman) and the deputy of health care ministry Madina Chehoeva have received the delegation.
During the meeting with the republic leadership, Valery Kaurov has discussed the aim of his coming to Tskhinval and acquainted them with the South Ossetian children resting programm.

« South Ossetian children will spend their holidays according to a special developed programm».
During the holidays children will be in sanatoriums, with excellent way of resting. They’ll go to aqua park «Poseidon» which is situated on the beach of the Black sea. They’ll also visit a skating – rink «Umka», archaeological museums, «South» town, and get three meals a day. In spite of that Ukrainian executive is the member of Ushenko’s party «Our Ukraine» he singed the resolution «All children are common», for children are outside of politic – said Kaurov.
As he mentioned «your fight for freedom and liberty has overwhelmed the whole world», and pointed that there are also journalists in the Ukrainian delegation staff, and they have already examined the ruined Tskhinval. They are going to take much photo – and video material to show the true events of 8th of August. He mentioned that a huge work is done in Odessa to support the South Ossetians. Plenty of Georgians are among the people who help the authorities in supporting South Ossetians. «We’ll try to do our best for averting the advocacy of Georgian national consul in Odessa as his politic is anti – Ossetian, anti – Russian and anti – Abkhazian» - applied Kaurov.
Eleonora Bedoeva in turn gratitude the members of Ukrainian delegation for the major contribution to peace action for Ossetian children. «Ukrainian authorities have to consider the public opinion you represent ». Ukrainian Government showed us its negative role, I’m not talking about Ukrainians. Neither Ukrainians nor Georgians are blame for there Governments.
We found there weapon exported from Ukraine. It is shameful. And it’s very pleasant for us to meet such a fair people as you. We hope that people in Ukraine will realize the whole gravity of their Government crime – mentioned Eleonora Bedoeva.
After the meeting the head of Ukrainian delegation noticed that they were received very good, and promised it wasn’t the last visit in South Ossetia.

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