Press Release of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of RSO. Gas supply to South Ossetia through Georgia resumed

Mon, 26/01/2009 - 18:14

On 23 January, after a six-month suspension, the supply of Russian gas to South Ossetia through Georgia resumed. The authorities of the Republic of South Ossetia confirmed that the Agara-Tskhinval gas pipeline started working in its routine regime.
Under grave winter conditions, when rehabilitation works are ongoing in South Ossetia to reconstruct social and economic infrastructure ruined during the August 2008 hostilities, the population of the Republic critically need energy supply from Russia. The Russian side had done a significant work with involvement of wide number of partners to raise the issue of non-acceptability of the anti-humane gas blockade of South Ossetia. The issue has been repeatedly raised within the Geneva talks on security and stability in the Caucasus, at OSCE Permanent Council, during numerous bilateral contacts with representatives of the United States, EU states and international organizations.
We should emphasize the thorough approach of GAZPROM and ITERA specialists who had timely provided rehabilitation of the pipeline and ensured gas supply in maximum short timeframe.
We should stress the active position of the OSCE Greek Chairmanship who sought rapid solution of the problem and had quickly sent its representative and energy expert to the region in order to facilitate settlement of the humanitarian problem.
We are satisfied with the fact that common sense had eventually prevailed in Tbilisi and the inhabitants of South Ossetia as well as the adjacent Georgian regions can get warmth and energy in their houses.

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