Givi Tedeev: "Our Commission cannot physically cover all vulnerables with humanitarian aid"

Fri, 20/03/2009 - 19:01

A press-conference organized by RES agency was held in Tskhinval. Deputy Health and Social Development Minister, Chairman of Humanitarian Commission Givi Tedeev responded to journalists" questions.
"Our work has practically started on 17 December 2008. Upon the President"s decree, I was appointed as Chairman of Humanitarian Commission. Therefore, I cannot speak about the work done before December", warned Tedeev while opening the press-conference. He expressed his regret that "the population is still not informed about the work of the Humanitarian Commission".

IA RES: Why the information related to the quantity and composition of humanitarian aid has not been published in media? This causes social tensions and creates grounds for rumors.
Givi Tedeev: Current lists of beneficiaries at the Ministry for Health and Social Development cover 9996 persons, eligible for humanitarian assistance. We accumulated all data received from different sources and organizations in order to have a clearer picture about those people who truly need the assistance. The following groups of beneficiaries are eligible for social and humanitarian assistance: wounded, those people whose houses were burnt down, WII veterans, families which lost their bread-winner. Any journalist who would be interested in the work of our Commission will be able to get necessary information.

IA RES: Wouldn"t the vast number of beneficiaries eligible for humanitarian aid contribute to aid"s "flowing" to nowhere?

Givi Tedeev: Aren"t these categories of people (orphans, families with low income, Afghan war soldiers) the citizens of our Republic? They are all registered at the Ministry for Health and Social Development as persons eligible for humanitarian assistance. These lists are approved by the Health Minister.

«21 century» newspaper: Ekaterina Kulumbegova was badly wounded during the August hostilities. According to Kulumbegova, recently a significant amount of humanitarian assistance had been burnt at warehouses of Zagotzerno. How would you comment on this?
Givi Tedeev: I ma not informed on this. It is astounding. What has been burnt? If this woman agrees to accompany us to the place where humanitarian assistance was burnt down, members of our Commission together with relevant structures would cast light on this situation. For such cases occurred.

IA RES: Aza Margieva"s house burnt down. She spent the winter in her burnt house. For her lost housing she had received 50,000 RUR compensation. She did not receive any aid. What assistance the woman will be provided with?

Givi Tedeev: The woman will be able to collect all documents if she follows a recent article in "Yuzhnaya Ossetia". She will be able to choose whatever she needs.

"21 Century": Not everyone can wait in queues due to health reasons. How these people can get their aid?

Givi Tedeev: Since 17 December, 2008, no queues for humanitarian assistance ever happened. We had visited each affected family twice. Aid to lonely and elderly people was delivered to their homes. Today, our Commission cannot physically cover all vulnerables.

IA RES: 108 families which lost their bread-winners receive regular compensation of 208 RUR. What elso is provided for this category?
Givi Tedeev: Together with "Caucasus Refugee Council" 180 oil heaters are being delivered. There are people who are provided with wheelchairs.

"Respublica", newspaper: Don"t you think that it is quite late to distribute heaters in March?

Givi Tedeev: I fully agree, but we’ve received them on 7 March.

"21 Century":
Inara Gabaraeva, who heads the Committee of the families whose houses were burnt, requested you to be present during the distribution of humanitarian aid and you refused to do so.

Givi Tedeev: There are relevant bodies, which are responsible for control. These are State Control Department, Prosecutor"s Office, Interior Ministry departments. We have no capacities to report to everyone who would like to control us. If needed, we can visit those beneficiaries who received assistance on 1 March and thus monitor the amount of distributed aid.

IA RES: Will construction material and window glass be delivered to those people who spent the winter in unglazed houses?

Givi Tedeev: Today, there is no construction material at the warehouse. I cannot tell for sure if construction material arrives in South Ossetia. If it does, we will deliver it.

IA OSRADIO: What is the amount and variety of humanitarian aid received in South Ossetia since 17 December?
Givi Tedeev: We have documents where the amount of humanitarian assistance is clearly described. For instance, we have received 11 trucks of aid from UFA worth 20 mil. RUR. But this aid was incomplete. Our committee is controlling only the distribution of received aid. After that, each distribution case is recorded with all details mentioned. If media representatives wish, we can publish all lists.

IA OSRADIO: Did any thefts from the warehouses happen lately?

Givi Tedeev: We have conducted an inspection at all warehouses to obtain information on what is available at the warehouses and what we lack. At the warehouses no.1 and 2 of Zagotzerno, thefts of humanitarian aid occurred. After that, inspection was again conducted. The guards are warned that in case of repeated thefts, they will be held responsible.

IA RES: Is it true that the humanitarian aid is store in a building the roof of which leaking, and the goods are wetting and being spoilt.
Givi Tedeev: Unfortunately, it is true. On 6 March, an assessment has been made which made us gave the alarm. So far, we did not have funds to renovate the warehouses. The Zagotzerno warehouses are in the same situation. We have estimated the renovation costs, but again, we do not have funds for this.

IA RES: What are the amounts of spoilt goods?
Givi Tedeev: About 30-40 % of humanitarian aid had been spoilt. This refers mostly to clothes which got wet. We trying to dry it up.

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