Eduard Kokoity received the Head of Leningor District Administration

Thu, 05/11/2009 - 17:49

RSO President Eduard Kokoity received the Head of Leningor District Administration Alan Djussoev. During the meeting, the general situation in the District, the issues related to the road construction and installation of electricity line, as well as elaboration of the District's economic and social development plan for 2010 have been discussed.

Alan Djussoev reported about the general situation in the District, on the current status of the road and electricity line construction process. According to him, the road construction was rapidly ongoing with 70 machinery units engaged.
"As to electricity supply, the lines have been installed, and I hope that the District will be connected to power supply in a week", said Djussoev.
"The population understands that the authorities do their best to improve the like in the district, and it brings the feeling of stability and calmness", added Djussoev. He also noted that by beginning of the year 2010, the Government would be provided with a detailed plan for the District's development".
The Head of District Administration informed the president on the existing problems with irrigation and potable water supply and on the solution strategies. According to Djussoev, the District Administration decided to drill two holes to provide the District with the necessary amount of potable water.
The president stressed the importance of active and fruitful work aimed at development of Leningor district and reiterated the necessity to improve the living condition in the District to meet the needs of the population there.

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