Review of the Georgian Media: suspicious special operation, carefully calculated rhetoric of Saakashvili, pre-election campaign, charges of the government and the opposition

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 11:19

Almost forgotten Georgia has decided to perform again on the world arena by "special operation" against the "North Caucasian militants", allegedly carried out near the border with Russia. Official announcements of the Georgian authorities have raised a few questions. First, if the militants penetrated into the territory of Georgia from Russia, fleeing from persecution of the government forces, then could it be that these places had not been familiar to them? Second, if these places were familiar to the militants, doesn’t it mean that they had already been there? Third, if they have already been there, is it possible, that the Georgian security agencies didn`t know of this fact? Fourth, if the gunmen have already been there, they could not help knowing that the Georgian security agencies had been informed of this, then what sense was to take the hostages? Fifth: If they took hostages, what sense was to exchange the helpless hostages for the professionally trained fighters of the Georgian power structures?

There are more questions than answers. The odds are that Merabishvili has decided to deal shortly with his North Caucasian friends whom he always considered only as the expendable material to achieve his own goals for lifting the power rating of the party before the election. However, Saakashvili endeavored even in this losing situation, in the sense of relationship with the North Caucasus, to squeeze the last drop of the dividends. His statement on the matter he began by praising those who had cowardly and brutally murdered his satraps.
"It was a well-organized and highly professional group of militants. Those were the real warriors"- so he said about the dead. The Georgian soldiers were honored only with the modest praise. "But our people were also not bad" – that was his only praise to the killed. Of course, these words are only designed for the North Caucasian peoples, who appreciate respect for a defeated enemy and modesty. Saakashvili has taken into account these two important features of the mentality of those to whom actually were addressed his words. Saakashvili then tried to put the blame for the tragedy on the killed themselves. "God knows, we have offered them to surrender on acceptable terms, but they refused and we were forced to take action. They chose their fate themselves." That is -"they wanted to die." Here again one more question has arisen: if a group of the armed men penetrated into Georgia to escape the persecution of the Russian forces, then how could they aggravate their situation by taking hostages in Georgia, provoking the deliberately unequal conflict with the Georgian security forces? It`s hard to believe in this.
However, let`s listen to the whole Saakashvili`s speech, because further we`ll hear a very interesting point: President Saakashvili has made the original apology, however, careful not to lose his face and being confident in his innocence: "We don`t rejoice at somebody`s death, including those who killed our people - our best fighters and the best citizens. They probably deserved it, but I am not rejoicing at their death."
The following piece of Saakashvili`s statement had been carefully thought over and sounded in unison with the traditions of the peoples of the Caucasus, for whom the burial of the human with rituals observance and visiting the grave of the deceased is of great importance. At the same time, even in this tragic context the President of Georgia has not missed an opportunity to accuse Russia: "We are not the Russian army. We have to respect them, bathe the dead and bury them observing our historical and the Muslim traditions, and if their family and friends want to come from the Caucasus, we have to show them the graves."
As we see, everything is well prepared to be spontaneous. However, this unprovoked assassination of former allies to achieve the pre-election propaganda purposes brought Saakashvili and his party just the propaganda advantages. No one will ask the questions, composing the title of the article - the Georgian propaganda is very elaborate. (The quotes are from the article "The North Caucasian militants, killed in Georgia, will be buried with observance of their religious traditions" on the Georgian informational-analytical portal "Georgia Online» on August 30, 2012).
Soon will be held the event for which, in fact, was made this tragic show with assassination of the North Caucasians: elections to the Georgian parliament.
Elections are always accompanied by exciting and interesting compromising revelations. Georgia is not the exception to the rule.
"The Georgian President Saakashvili, though constantly talks about the construction of the country, but in fact, in Georgia there is no free business environment. Any type of business is lobbied by the authorities and the space, respectively, is granted only to those businessmen who are loyal to the government, or their relatives, friends. Industry is not developing as the entrepreneurs who invest all their latest capital, are arrested for minor reasons or fabrications, are sentenced to long terms, and then proposed a procedural agreement, forcing them to pay a lot of money in exchange for freedom or reduced terms. Practically, no one businessman who refused to pay tribute to the "National Movement", has evaded the avenging hand of the powerful Saakashvili "- has written Lascha Gabiskiria in the article "So the Authorities Pursue Businessmen "on the website of the Georgian news agency "MediaNews" on August, 30, 2012.
"The Labor Party of Georgia has accused Saakashvili and Ivanishvili of trying to sell Meskheti-Javakheti. As declared by the ideological secretary of the Labour Party Kakha Dzagania at the today`s press conference, the National Movement had presented in Akhalkalaki district the ideologist for separation of the region from Georgia Samvel Petrosyan as a majoritarian candidate, and "The Georgian Dream" - the leader of the separatist organization "Javakhk" Norik Karapetyan . "In the history of mankind on the example of Georgia is taking place an unprecedented case; in particular, the ruling gang presented a majoritarian candidate in Akhalkalaki district the ideologue for separation of the region from Georgia Samvel Petrosyan, and the "dream" of the criminal oligarch presented a leader of the separatist organization "Javakhk" Norik Karapetyan. As one can see, a new stage of the political happiness of Saakashvili and Ivanishvili this time is going to start by selling Meskheti-Javakheti "- underlined Dzagania. She expressed the hope that October, 1 some intimidated, bribed voters would take into account at least this fact," – is said in the article of the same edition "The Labourists Have Accused Saakashvili and Ivanishvili of Selling Meskheti-Javakheti" on August, 31,2012.
"Signagi organization of the party "Free Georgia" has accused the local government of bribing the voters. This has been announced by the chairman of the Signagi organization Maya Sukhishvili. "In the village of Khirsa, Signagi district, representatives of the local authorities, together with experts in real estate and the state register, are drafting the farmlands of the local population. According to the part of the population, about a month ago, 80% of the population for a fee privatized the property. They have expressed not unfounded doubt that the local representatives of the municipality informed their supporters on the follow-free privatization beforehand. The other part that had not been informed, for fear to lose their property, had to make privatization by paying the cost,"- said Sukhishvili" – has written the information agency "Pirveli" in the article "Signagi Organization of the Party "Free Georgia" has accused the local government of bribing the voters."
The government propaganda has not also kept out, "Georgia is in the run-up to the elections, six months later will be held the presidential elections. The tensions are gradually growing. The forces which destroyed the young fledgling state in the early 90s of the last century, who killed the elected president Zviad Gamsakhurdia and subordinated Georgia to the interests of Russia, are again ready for battle ... The upcoming elections have intensified the dark forces, trying to return Georgia to the past. The former Soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze, whom Russia has secured the second coming of to Georgia, is aspiring to the position of the spiritual leader. The younger generation knows a little about him. Meanwhile, Shevardnadze`s life intertwined with Georgia closely. More than half a century he has been holding Georgia by the throat "- with the learned air oracle has proclaimed Professor Givi Gorgiladze in the article" The Last Satrap of Georgia" on site "Georgia online" on August 26, 2012.
The article is directed against the former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, who came to power by overthrowing the first president Gamsakhurdia in 1991 (and Shevardnadze himself in 2003 was overthrown by the current President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. Constitutional transfer of power from one president to another has not taken place in Georgia for 20 (!) years of "independence". Among other things, the Georgian professor (!) has written: "Punitive expeditions in Western Georgia, the shootings and beatings of protesters, surveillance, searches, illegal detention, torture of political prisoners, crushing of editorial staff and apartments of the employees of the opposition newspapers have become a way of life in Georgia. Only for 5 months have been committed more than six thousand criminal offenses, more than 400 people have disappeared without trace. Tens of armed groups were active in the country. Georgia became the drugs smuggling point from Central Asia to Europe. Introduction of coupons completed a full collapse of the economy. "
I `d like to draw the attention of those who at that period were persuading South Ossetia to be a part of Georgia, which at that time was described for us as some kind of heaven on earth. It will take years and it will be widely recognized, even by the liberal media, the truth about the atrocities of the bloody regime of Saakashvili. And we, again, as now, will be happy that we have not traded the longed-for freedom for a mess of pottage.
But I want to draw attention to something else. As remember the middle generation, at that time Georgia, and at the instigation of Georgia -the OSCE and the Russian liberals, accused South Ossetia and Russia, as if Russia had been delivering drugs to Georgia through South Ossetia. How many innocent people in South Ossetia were cast into the Georgian prisons under the false pretext that they had been trafficking drugs!.. But in reality, as we see, and as it was confirmed by the Georgian professor, a source and a hotbed of drugs was Georgia itself!
And so, like dust, swept by wind, time disperses a lie, exposing the truth. Sometimes it is late, but sooner or later - it always comes. The veil of lies will fall down from the tragedy, mentioned at the beginning of the article, and from the other important matters, and the justice followers will triumph.

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