Review of the Georgian Media: Saakashvili against the students of Ivanishvili. Who will win?

Sun, 16/09/2012 - 19:46

Georgian authorities, alarmed by the rapid growth of popularity of the opposition politician and influential businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili, are not tired to organize propaganda campaign against him.

September 5, 2012 a portal "Georgia Online" made public an interview with the president of the Center for Security Studies and International Cooperation of Georgia, professor Nika Chitadze- "Nika Chitadze: radicalism remains a major societal problem." The material has contained scathing attacks on the leader of the Georgian opposition, "I think, that the purpose of Ivanishvili is: to challenge the election results and to bring his supporters into the street, because he has no other choice. From the beginning, he was sure he could easily win the election by bribing voters. In his first interview he said he would win the election and would receive the overwhelming majority in parliament. What does it mean? He does not ask us, the voters? This can be solved only by us, the citizens of Georgia. In connection with the election, Ivanishvili will try to bring into streets as many people as possible to take part in the street protest actions to draw attention of the international community. Undoubtedly, there will be a provocation, as it was May 26, 2011. Then, on the eve of the Independence Day of Georgia, especially the opposition blocked the avenue, where was to be held a parade in honor of the national holiday in order to compel the authorities to use force ... It is unnecessary to speak of democracy within the coalition ... I think, they are very prone to conformism and at the moment the main thing for them is to get the most benefits from Ivanishvili, and in return they give him a chance to prove himself as the sole leader ... they call the name of one person - Bidzina Ivanishvili. At one of the opposition rallies there was a placard: "For a long, long time Georgia has been sleeping, but with the advent of Bidzina Georgia has awaked!" This is the signs of the personality cult, when all decisions are unilaterally made by the leader- father-breadwinner. Ivanishvili acts following the principle - I pay, so I calls the tune. He reigns absolutely within the coalition and its members have lost independence of thought, becoming completely financially dependent on his cash injections ... the opposition politicians are not independent political figures - when they make different statements, they only voice the directives of Ivanishvili."
As it`s seen, this rhetoric is no different from the one usually used by the authorities against the opposition. Another reason to complain of the Georgian crisis of the pro-governmental propaganda that all its zeal and energy lost in the struggle against South Ossetia, and now to conduct a full-fledged campaign, in order to cling to power, Saakashvili has not enough charge.
Therefore, he has to use the old anti-Russian rhetoric devices that are no longer effective.
"We can see the different ways of the foreign policy, but we are related by a common desire to de-occupy our territories, to integrate our country," - Saakashvili said in a statement in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, scheduled for October 1 (article "Saakashvili in his pre-election speech remembered Russia and Putin" on the Georgian website "Kavkaz- News" September 15, 2012).
And speaking in the courtyard of the rehabilitated temple of Bagrat in Kutaisi, he appealed to all political forces to unite around the issues, vital for Georgia (ibid., article "Saakashvili appealed to all political forces to unite" on September 15, 2012).

Nevertheless, the split of the Georgian society for political reasons continues to aggravate. Most clearly it`s seen in the media, which are always in the limelight and are an indicator of social processes. "The media (Georgian - note of IA" Res ") ... are divided for political reasons. Only some of them are able to pursue a more independent editorial policy. This is stated in the first interim report of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. The report has covered the period from August 22 to September 5. According to the organization, the TV channels "Rustavi-2" and "Imedi" are generally perceived as supporters of the authorities, "Caucasia", "Maestro" and the new "Channel 9" - supporters of the opposition "(Georgian edition of the "Caucasus Online" on September 15, 2012).
Against this background continues escalation of the political situation. The split between the Georgian government and society is aggravating, protests are also growing.
"In the case of falsification of the parliamentary elections of 2012,"Free Georgia" will hold protests, and it "will not be stopped for the fear of possible bloodshed made by the authorities." The corresponding statement was made by the party leader Kakha Kukava at the press conference held today at the Press Club "Primetime". He also expressed hope that the coalition "Georgian Dream" will not give up, will not agree to the appointments to different parliamentary positions and will fight to the end "- writes the Georgian news agency "MediaNews" in the article "In the case of falsification of the election Kukava`s party will come out on streets " September 14, 2012. The students of the Georgian higher educational institutions are also dissatisfied with the policy pursued by Mikhail Saakashvili. This is significant - because in ancient times, the students were the main striking force of the notorious "Kmara" and the "Rose Revolution". "Students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Tbilisi State University named after Ivane Javakhishvili before the first building of the University held a protest action with the requirements: to dissolve the Board of Regents; return lecturers dismissed from their positions, to give students the freedom to study, to fix the base of the selective disciplines; dismiss the Dean Andro Barnov, who is a former rector of the Police Academy. Participants of the rally held in front of the first building, tried to get to the university rector Alexander Kvitashvili, which led to a physical confrontation between the universitysecurity staff and the students. Later, the students were given the opportunity to talk with the head of the university administration David Chomakhidze; however, the students and Chomakhidze could not come to the agreement. After that, the students moved back into the courtyard of the university. They unfurled a banner: "Free Education! It is so poor quality, for what we pay money," "Autonomy to the university "," Down with the uneducated education," "Return the dismissed lecturers, Andro Barnovshould quit his post "," – is written in the article of the same publication "In front of the first TSU building a conflict took place between the security staff and the students " September, 14, 2012.
To cajole the voters, the Georgian authorities take different measures. Thus, the discount system is introduced into the public transport. "The new system of discounts allows all passengers who pay in public transport through e-cards" Metromani" have a chance at the first trip on the public transport to pay 50 tetri, and transferring to subway and buses, following a different route, one and a half hours after that they may enjoy a free ride. The new system of discounts has also covered the passengers of all those categories that are already enjoying various privileges (pensioners, students, teachers, and the vulnerable). Their number in Tbilisi is 600 000 "- has written the article of the "MediaNews" -"From tomorrow in municipal transport of Tbilisi will be in force a new system of discounts" on September 14.
We`ll see whether the tricks of Saakashvili will help him. There are still a couple of weeks before October 1.

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