Review of the Georgian Media: summing up "The brooms` revolution" they are observing the political battles of Angels and Saints

Tue, 20/11/2012 - 12:05

Although the "Georgian Dream" has won the parliamentary elections in Georgia, many media, which were established owing to Mikhail Saakashvili, are still hoping for revenge - but now in the information sphere. However, it`s too early to consider that their hopes are vain, - in days of old his team was carrying on the propaganda campaign very well. Though, since that time both his team and the time itself have changed considerably.

The information-analytical portal "Georgia Online" on November 18, 2012 published an article by Maria Esker "Oddity "Georgia-NATO".
"Official Tbilisi has tightened the belt, gritted teeth and waved a magic wand - the speed of reforms (which bring Georgia closer to NATO standards) has reached the speed of sound. Even the ardent opposition, criticizing the ruling party of that time, which has implemented a lot of reforms, could not help recognizing the success of the economic measures. The tone of official support for Georgia by Euro-Atlantic alliance had been relenting and getting warm, until finally in 2012, the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, while being in Tbilisi, said that "Georgia is close to the alliance than ever." And then burst out the election ... "- the author writes, meaning that only the victory of the "Georgian Dream" has postponed the prospect of membership in this aggressive military bloc, which is so longed for the Georgian political ear.
In general, the author gives a negative assessment of the results of the will of the Georgian people, "Parliamentary Elections in Georgia showed the failure of civil society in the country and the immaturity of thinking of the citizens. The society has swung like a pendulum – the yesterday's staunch team-mates defected to the "Georgian Dream", which had rapidly gained prestige and extended the sphere of influence in all regions of the country. The multiparty system has reposed in peace." An interesting thought has crossed one`s mind: if the thought of the citizens of Georgia is not mature, may be, it would be better to ignore these citizens? It would be better if the smart people decide for them and using batons would drive these irresponsible people into the light and happy world? And they did: using batons, trucks, ramming the door of the Orthodox churches, rubber bullets, and even psychotropic weapons, all aspects of the harmful effect of which on the psyche have not been studied by scientists yet!
However, the author provides the reader with an interesting point. Though it is rather verbose, yet it is worth to quote it in full: "In the meantime, the post-election virtual Georgia, hardly recovered from the "broom revolution" and the discreditable scandal in Gldani prison, has started mocking the statementsof thenew premier and his entourage. Screen shots and video are distributed in the blogosphere. Georgia is engaged in verbiage. The verbal altercation is arranged on the official web page of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in one of the social networks, forcing him to answer an adequate level of questions. By the way, it is the social network which revealed the startling definition of the term "useful idiot". So, a useful idiot - this is an ignoramus, whom it is easy to win over, to make "useful" and force to work against his own interests or in the name of the so-called "highest good." And it seems to me that the Georgian society is the very useful idiot. And Saakashvili and Ivanishvili, Moscow and Washington make the idiot to act. What about NATO, you ask. But nothing ... If there is a weather vane, it is always breeze, twisting it. That is the Georgian European dream - as the vulgar saying - "we wish we would have everything, but we would be in charge of nothing." The business scheme "parliamentary elections in Georgia" was successfully implemented."
As for the new Georgian ministers appointed by the Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, they are not wasting time. As reported by the Georgian news publication "Our Abkhazia" November 14, 2012, Zakareishvili met with the head of the EU.
"Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Zakareishvili met with the head of the EU mission in Georgia, Ambassador Philip Dimitrov and other members of the mission. The meeting was also attended by Deputy State Minister Ketevan Tsikhelashvili. Philip Dimitrov was speaking about the projects that the EU mission in Georgia was implementing in Abkhazia, Tskhinvali region and other regions of Georgia. The Georgian side has expressed confidence that the European Union will do a more important role in restoring trust between the people living on both sides of the dividing line and the long-term solution to the conflict. "It is also important that our international partners, as before, assured us of support for the policy of non-recognition and cooperation", - told Ketevan Tsikhelashvili the media after the meeting. "
Thus, we can predict that the range of EU activities in South Ossetia will grow, spreading to other areas, which will re-engage the dormant potential personnel of the "fifth column" of Georgia in South Ossetia.
Meanwhile, the opening of the railway between Russia and Georgia through sovereign Abkhazia is gradually coming on the agenda. Azerbaijan is worried: Armenia will also be able to use this traffic; it would weaken the transport blockade.
The notable quotation from the article on the website "Our Abkhazia" says: ​​"whether Azerbaijan has a right to express indignation with Georgia? Most likely - no. Azerbaijan itself maintains good relations with Russia, President Aliev never allows himself to speak negatively about the Russian leadership and its policy. Maybe, the radical anti-Russian course of saakashist regime made it possible to some circles of Azerbaijan to build relations with Russia at the expense of Georgia? The same can be said about certain circles of Armenia - paradoxically, Armenia, vitally interested in the opening of the railway between Georgia and Russia, has never taken serious steps of mediation to reduce tension between them. So, if Azerbaijan wants to eliminate the Russian military cargo transportation through the Georgian railway, then it must settle this issue directly with Moscow, but not by putting pressure on Tbilisi, that it should not open the rail link with Russia. "
This quote (the article "The issue of opening the railway communication between Russia and Georgia – is the business of Georgians, Abkhaz and Russians"), is also remarkable for the fact that, in contrast to the "Georgia Online», this edition " has at once changed its policy" and calls the ruling of Saakashvili as "regime."
About the deep spiritual illness, in which is the Georgian Orthodox Church, says the interview of hieromonk of the Holy Martyrs Monastery (near Kutaisi), Father Giorgi (Basiladze), that "Our Abkhazia" describes as follows: "After the deceased Archimandrite Gabriel (Urgebadze) - whom Georgia revered as a saint even before the beginning of the process for his possible canonization, continuers of his monastic asceticism and true spiritual principles of monastic elders in Georgia are considered several of monks, one of whom is a monk of the monastery of the Holy Martyrs (near Kutaisi), father George (Basiladze). "
What does say the Georgian monk? We give him the floor; "We will return by all means to Abkhazia, whether the Abkhaz, Russians or someone else want it or not. We will be back, whether our Abkhazian brothers regain consciousness or harden their hearts against us. The political conditions of our return are looming, in light of the positive steps of our government's foreign policy and on this basis – the appropriate approach to the problems of Georgia by the international community. The Lord "has" several options of our return to Abkhazia, and behind each plan stand different forces of Angels and Saints who are in charge of Georgia and its future ... Merciful Lord will give the Abkhazians time and a chance for spiritual salvation, but only by the general co-existence with the Georgians " (the article "War or peace - how to return Abkhazia?").
As you can see, if you believe this bright representative of the Georgian clergy, the salvation comes only by living together with Georgians, and there started serious political battles between different groups of Angels and Saints in heaven.
It is known that every nation "drew" their gods in their own image and likeness. The gods of the ancient Greeks, for example, generally indulged feasts and amusements, the gods of the ancient Romans, were mostly severe and ascetic ... Here Angels and Saints are engaged in politics.

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