South Ossetian Parliament ratified an intergovernmental agreement with Russia on cooperation in the field of medicine

Wed, 25/12/2013 - 15:53

South Ossetian Parliament ratified an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and South Ossetia on cooperation in the provision of specialized, including high-tech, health care, as well as the provision of medicines.

The issue was brought up for discussion by Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Policy Alexander Pliev. According to him, the agreement will allow the citizens of South Ossetia to receive the necessary medical care in Russia. Health Minister Grigory Kulidzhanov has explained that according to the document the citizens of South Ossetia who have Russian citizenship and also a policy of obligatory medical insurance, will be served in the Russian medical institutions under the same laws as the citizens of Russia. "People, who have only the citizenship of South Ossetia, can receive medical care in Russia after the receipt from the South Ossetian medical institutions the corresponding documents. Funding for treatment of citizens of South Ossetia will take place in the framework of the budget providing of the Republic," - said the Minister.
According to him, this issue requires further study and work.
The document provides for cooperation between Russia and South Ossetia in the field of specialized, including high-tech medical assistance through the exchange of experience, harmonization of normative-legal acts of the two countries in this sphere, the unification of medical records and information-sharing.
In addition, the agreement specifies the procedure of rendering medical aid to the citizens of one country on the territory of the other.

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