American match in the political fire of Transcaucasia

Mon, 14/08/2017 - 14:24

The position of the US administration towards Russia with the coming to power of Republican Donald Trump is not only softened, but has become tougher.
Even the existing disagreements of Donald Trump with the US Congress against Russia did not allow improving bilateral relations between the countries. During his election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that he would build friendly relations with the Russian Federation and consider Russian President Vladimir Putin an exemplary politician. But, despite this, anti-Russian sanctions were still signed by the American leader and there is no question of any political dialogue with official Washington at the moment. Russia also waved goodbye to American diplomats and closed their residence in the Moscow region.
Realizing that the dialogue with the Russian Federation failed, and in order to preserve Trump in power and prevent the outbreak of protest activity in the US, the American leader should pursue a strong foreign policy, oriented, among other things, to the Transcaucasia. Realizing this, the official Washington decided to focus its increased attention on Georgia, as well as to attract the US-controlled North Atlantic Alliance for greater success. And American diplomats and generals flew to Tbilisi, where in early August they held meetings with the president, the cabinet of ministers of Georgia, as well as with the opposition. Loud statements were made by the United States, which mainly indicated integration into NATO as the immediate goal for Georgia and its armed forces. US Vice President Mike Pence with his statements has only upset Georgian politicians, who hoped, first of all, for the US financial support.
According to one of the Georgian politicians in an interview with the TV channel
"Rustavi 2", before NATO membership becomes a reality, Georgia must take care of the deployment of the US military base on its territory.
America needs this in order to create an outpost of military influence in Georgia on Turkey and Iran. This could be the starting point of force influence on half the territory of the Middle East. In addition, having fortified themselves in Georgia, Americans cut off Russia from such an ally as Armenia, and put pressure on Azerbaijan. The Georgian population does not need such a presence - this is only necessary for the Georgian military-political leadership. If the Georgian authorities agree to the construction of an American military base, Tbilisi will get some guarantees from the US authorities, earns certain "profits" and is included in the system of the "border anti-Russian positioning."
It is also worth noting that the US and NATO forces have recently been increasingly conducting joint military exercises along with Georgia at the borders of Russia. Western media and authoritative political experts have already given a negative assessment of this activity, calling it "reckless and short-sighted."
It should be noted that from July 30 to August 12 at the military base "Vaziani" in the suburbs of Tbilisi were conducted military maneuvers of NATO "Noble Partner-2017" with the participation of the units of the armies of the United States, Great Britain, Slovenia, Germany and Turkey, as well as with the partners of the alliance - Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia. The goal of the NATO exercises is to increase the interoperability of military units of the members and partners in the military bloc, as well as the development of the training capabilities of the units of the North Atlantic Alliance's rapid reaction forces.
Conducting military maneuvers on the territory of Georgia is only a small fraction that the Georgian authorities can really offer to the West and there is no question of raising the level of training of Georgian servicemen.
And how the Georgian troops are able to fight - the whole world knows by the events of August 2008 and is well remembered in Iraq, where local residents were happy to see the leaving Georgian soldiers. They complained that the Georgians, for the most part, were poorly proficient in English or Arabic, were rude and disrespectful. The Georgians carried services on three checkpoints near the city of Kut, 100 miles southeast of Baghdad. There Georgian soldiers were ready to keep whole families for hours, even in the conditions of terrible heat or cold.
Latif Hamad, the governor of the province of Vassit, where the city of Kut is located, said that "Georgians did not provide real security" and preferred to "sit around". "I do not think that the departure of Georgian soldiers will somehow affect the situation in the province," said Hamad. "There have always been language problems and little real action. Our security forces can fill any vacuum, " the Iraqi politician said.
Therefore, punching his way to Georgia, Donald Trump and his leadership are pushing only their national interests, realizing the importance of the winning positions in Transcaucasia and foreign policy in general, since there is not yet any benefit from the internal one. However, do not forget that Russia is closely monitoring the situation in Georgia and the increased interest in the region by the United States, and will not allow the American match to once again build a bonfire in the trans-Caucasian region, as Russian leader Vladimir Putin reminded during his recent visit to the Republic of Abkhazia.

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