Bibilov on the congress of Ossetians: let`s bring the truth to the world community

Mon, 27/08/2018 - 00:05

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov told about the goals and tasks facing the Congress of the Ossetian people, which is being held today in Tskhinval.

"Such a large — scale event is held to ensure that Ossetians from all over the world together enjoyed the Grand celebration - the decade of recognition of our Republic by Russia," the head of state said.

According to him, many issues are put on the agenda of the Congress, the most important of which are the unity of the Ossetian people, the preservation of the language, the problems of people from Tyrsygom, and others.

"We demand that our compatriots be allowed to the graves of their fathers and grandfathers in the Tyrsygom gorge, so that the Georgian authorities will not prevent them from doing this," the president said. - There was no war, devastation there, people were simply expelled, and we want this discrimination, which has been going on in all directions since the 1920s, to be finally stopped. And at today's congress, we call on the world community to help us in this. "

Bibilov has stressed that a large-scale event with the participation of Ossetians from all over the world is significant and peaceful.

"The Congress is necessary in order to bringto the world community through our representatives that South Ossetia is a peaceful state, aimed at democracy, development of human, spiritual values. And the more people hear about this, the more opportunities we have to bring our position to the world community, though not through diplomats and politicians, but through ordinary people," the head of state said.

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