South Ossetia is celebrating the Defender of the Fatherland Day and formation of the Armed Forces

Sat, 22/02/2020 - 12:35

Defender of the Fatherland Day and the 27th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Ossetia were marked by a solemn meeting. The event began with the screening of a documentary about the history of the creation of the South Ossetian military department and its tasks to date.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of South Ossetia form the basis of the defense of South Ossetia and are intended to repel aggression against South Ossetia, for the armed protection of the integrity and inviolability of the territory of the Republic, as well as to carry out the tasks in accordance with the constitutional laws and international treaties of South Ossetia.

It was noted in the film that the formation of the Armed Forces of South Ossetia is carried out taking into account the agreements concluded in the military sphere with the Russian Federation, according to which it is determined that the Republic should have small modern troops (forces) with high mobility and the necessary level of interoperability with the 4th military base of the Russian Federation, deployed on the territory of South Ossetia.

An excursion into history

The Defense Minister Ibrahim Gasseev, told the about the history of the Ministry of Defense, noting the importance and necessity of this department in modern conditions. He has emphasized that having passed a long and arduous path, the South Ossetian army can now give a fitting rebuff to the aggressor.

“February 23rd is a celebration of servicemen and veterans of military service, participants in the hostilities who gave the best years of their life to independence and freedom. Each of those present at the solemn meeting contributed to the repelling the external military aggressions, to the fight against the insidious and cruel enemy,” he said.

Gasseev also touched on the historical prerequisites for the creation of the ministry of the armed forces of the Republic. He reminded that on November 17, 1992, by the decision of the Supreme Council of South Ossetia, the Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia was formed. “In January 1993, the first orders of the Defense Ministry were signed on the approval of the organizational and staff structure. And in the first decade of February, command and control units began to be formed. The first Minister of Defense was Valery Khubulov, the first commander of the Armed Forces of South Ossetia - Alan Dzhioev. Also here are people who have made a great contribution to the formation of military units and, by personal example, inspired soldiers to faithfully serve the Fatherland,” the Minister said.

Decent grade

Ibrahim Gasseev believes that the recognition of merits in upholding state sovereignty was the presentation to the Ministry of Defense of the banner of the armed forces, and to the Zelim Muldarov Special Forces battalion. - Battle banner, as an official symbol and a military relic, personifying honor, valor, glory and martial traditions. “At present, the Armed Forces of South Ossetia continue to guard the peace and security of the state. The staff successfully develops weapons and military equipment, improving combat skills, reliably protecting national interests,” he emphasized. The head of the military department has added that the highest leadership of the republic and personally the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Anatoly Bibilov created all the conditions for the progressive and dynamic development of the army, its authority is growing, the conditions for military service, the level of social protection of servicemen are improving. Today, soldiers and officers have the full support of the state and society,” Gasseev emphasized.

Cooperation and new requirements

According to him, cooperation with Russia is actively being carried out in the military sphere, the issue of equipping the national army with weapons and military equipment, all types of support, issues of social guarantees for military personnel, improving the material and technical base and military infrastructure are being successfully resolved. “We realize the importance of the tasks facing the army and will do everything possible for the peaceful and calm development of our state. The army is a school of courage and honor, the army has always been and will be a creative army, an army-guarantor of peace and security,” Ibrahim Gasseev noted and wished the WWII veterans, military operations and military service, good health, good spirits and prosperity, and the stuff of the Armed Forces - further success in service.

Awards and congratulations

At the ceremonial meeting, a number of defenders of the Fatherland, who were at the origins of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic, were awarded medals “For the service of guarding the peace in South Ossetia”, “To Defender of the Fatherland”, “In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the victory of the people of South Ossetia in the Patriotic War” and others award.

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