Radion Pukhaev about the situation with coronavirus in the Netherlands: there is no panic, but the attitude towards the situation is serious

Tue, 31/03/2020 - 13:52

Сhairman of the international Renaissance association, a member of the pan-European coordinating council of Russian compatriots, Radion Pukhaev, told the Res news agency how Europeans live in the conditions of the spread of coronavirus in the province of Nord Brabant (Holland) and what measures are taken to reduce cases of the disease:

The first case of coronavirus in the Netherlands was recorded in the province of Nord Brabant, where we live. A family from Italy came here to attend the local carnival. Naturally, there were people there, and the virus was spread. At the moment, the hospitals in our province are unable to cope with the flow of incoming patients and are being taken to neighboring provinces, where the situation is not so difficult.

As of March 30, in Holland, 11,750 infected and dead - 864 people.

There is no panic, but the attitude to what is happening is very serious. Everyone takes the situation quite seriously, and at the slightest suspicion of a coronavirus in one of the family members, everyone is self-isolated. It is recommended that everyone observe a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from each other, people, in turn, try to adhere to these rules.

In Holland, schools are quarantined, restrictive measures have been introduced, but there is no ban on movement, going to the store, etc. There is an understanding that people should get over it. And restrictive measures have been introduced so that hospitals cope with the influx of infected people, so that each of them can receive medical care.

It is no coincidence that new hospitals are being built in China and Russia. Opportunities are being expanded to provide assistance to more patients so that people do not die from the fact that they did not help.

In Europe, in particular in Holland, older people are in nursing homes, most of them live in isolation. That is, they can be saved somehow.

And in Ossetia, I can’t even imagine how this can be done when families live together, and a young man can bring the virus into a house, to an elderly relative. Fortunately, there is not a single case so far.

I want to say a few words about the hysteria that exists today in society. There are all kinds of experts, both real, and couches, and virologists. They are divided into two groups - which bear some responsibility for what they say and those who do not bear any responsibility for it.

Therefore, my conviction is that at such a time one must adhere to some official data, and not listen to nonsense and the "couch" experts. If the government, the special headquarters, take some measures and rules, then they must be respected, because they have complete information. We need to unite at such a time and just follow all the recommendations.

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