Found only the remains: the story of the brutal reprisal of the father and son Guliyev in 1920

Sun, 21/06/2020 - 15:50

The genocide of the Ossetian people of 1920, was actively hushed up in Soviet times to prevent the development of ethnic hatred. Despite the fact that they tried not to publicize the brutal crimes of Georgia, the Ossetian stories, saturated with blood and bitterness, were passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. So, the truth about the bloody pages of the history of the Ossetian people has come down to our days.

The history of the Guliev family, as well as other residents of Ossetian nationality who suffered from the Georgian Mensheviks, is preserved in the memory of descendants thanks to the stories of elders.

“Alexander Guliev, with his son Levan, in those unfortunate years owned vast land in the area of ​​the current village of Tbet, Tskhinval district,” their relative Vladimir Guliev says from the words of his father.

Many people, including Georgians, came to be hired by landowners, who were popularly called "bicho". The latter did not miss the opportunity to appropriate the allotments of the Guliev family when Ossetians began to be oppressed, crack down on them, and expel them from their homes.

“During that tense period, Alexander and Levan were forced to take refuge in the village of Zar. They stayed there for a period, but decided to return to the village for their cattle. They killed them and then burned their house. One of the local residents Artemy Lokhov closely collaborated with the Mensheviks, handed over Ossetians to Georgians, which he did in the case of the Guliev family, "says Vladimir.

Relatives of the brutally murdered father and son fled to North Ossetia, where they took refuge in the village of Olginsky.

"The second son of Alexander Sergius recalled that he could only get to the place called Bululi, where his father and brother were killed, after which he collected the remains of his relatives in one box to bury them," says Vladimir

Alexander and Levan Guliev left their descendants, one of them Mukhar (Levan's son) became the founder of the Electrovibromashina plant and the Tskhinval bus repair plant. Great-grandson of Alexander Robert Guliev at different years held the post of Minister of Internal Affairs, head of the administration of Tskhinval, Adviser to the President of the Republic.

The history of the brutal massacre of the father and son of the Gulievs remained an open wound in the hearts of their descendants. Many families in South Ossetia remember the elders' stories about the terrible events of the 20s, and this is undoubtedly important. After all, history is alive, while the memory of the people is alive ...

The Guliev’s family and the crimes of Georgia against Ossetia during the full-scale military aggression of 2008 were not spared: of the 9 houses of the Guliyev’s surname in the village of Tbet, two were destroyed by Georgians and one burned.

Representatives of the family are sure that the bulk of the Guliev’s historical heritage, in the form of notarial documents for land and family photographs, were deliberately destroyed by Georgians and their accomplices in the 20s of the last century, and some during August 2008.

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