Georgia is an "open-air theater country ", - commentary of the South Ossetian Foreign Minister

Fri, 26/06/2020 - 16:35

Another aggravation on the Ossetian-Georgian border - a new post, arms rattling, tension - all this indicates that lessons have not been learned from the recent past, and nothing contributes to the establishment in Georgia of the principle of peaceful coexistence with neighboring states.

This is stated in the commentary by the head of the Foreign Ministry of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoev for the state information agency “Res," in connection with the ongoing provocative actions by Georgia in the immediate vicinity of the South Ossetian border.

“Tbilisi’s territorial claims to literally all neighbors have no borders. Every day from Tbilisi it is heard erased cliches about the Russian occupation, Azerbaijanis haunt the east - they occupied “original Georgian lands”, in the south old claims against Armenia, in addition Turkey captured half the country. " There are only enemies and invaders around, who are guilty before Georgia. Everyone owes it, except for itself - Georgia owes nothing to anyone! Here, perhaps, is the almost complete content of Georgia’s national idea, unchanged under all post-Soviet Georgian rulers," the Minister said.

According to Medoev, "the unseemly desire for deliberate misinformation of the world community" never ceases to amaze, and this has become a traditional instrument of Georgia’s official policy and diplomacy - the "stronghold of democracy in the Caucasus."

"Over the past three decades of" independent "development, sober-minded, nationally oriented politicians have never come to power in this country. There are undoubtedly such people in Georgia, but powerful foreign pressure puts pressure on the Georgian national political element already at distant approaches to power institutions "The Foreign Minister emphasized." Hence the planned aggravations on the eve of all kinds of elections. Declarations on peace with neighbors and "brotherhood with Ossetians" are postponed until then, the main thing is the votes of voters. The closer the voting date, the more active the template propaganda tricks about the Russian invasion and twenty percent occupation and various similar labels. These methods for Georgian politicians are not new, and one could close their eyes to this, but neighbors are alarmed by the real military preparations taking place against this background, primarily South Ossetia and Abkhazia, on which the Georgian hawks have their own species. "

Medoev has stated that it is well known that Georgia is an "open-air theater country" where the situation can get out of control "if some Georgian generals are tired of observing the verbiage of their politicians."

This, according to him, is quite possible and has been observed more than once in this country: "Moreover, this is part of the circle of interests of the Western friends-instigators."

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