Livestock diseases are recorded in South Ossetia with the appearance of the Lugar laboratory in Georgia - Alan Margiev

Thu, 22/07/2021 - 17:47

The activities of the Lugar laboratory in Georgia raises serious concerns and questions, Alan Margiev, Minister of Agriculture of South Ossetia, told reporters.

“We do not know what they are doing there, what activities this laboratory is conducting. We have noted earlier that since the completion of the construction of this laboratory in Georgia, various diseases of livestock have been noted on the territory of our Republic, including African swine fever, lumpy skin disease, the appearance of a brown marble bug was recorded, "Margiev said.

According to the Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of South Ossetia is carrying out large-scale measures to eliminate the African plague in order to exclude new outbreaks of this disease in the Republic in the future.

"Where African swine fever appears once, new outbreaks occur later and spread occurs at lightning speed," he said.

Alan Margiev has emphasized that the Ministry of Agriculture is strengthening control and supervisory measures within the Republic in order to exclude farm animals of dubious origin from entering stores.

In the villages of the Tskhinval district of the Republic, cases of pig deaths from African plague were recorded. Cases of deaths of pigs from ASF were recorded in the villages of Kokhat, Sarabuk, Vanat.

It should be reminded that the last time an outbreak of African swine fever occurred in 2018 and was recorded in Znaur district of the Republic.

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