The Holiday of Historical Justice: Anatoly Bibilov on the Day of Recognition of Independence

Thu, 26/08/2021 - 15:21

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov has received a delegation from North Ossetia headed by Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Alexei Machnev.

The head of state has noted that today is a very important day for the people of Ossetia. He has reminded that not long ago the people of South Ossetia honored the blessed memory of the defenders of the Fatherland, as well as the Russian servicemen who forced Georgia to peace and contributed to the liberation of South Ossetia from the Georgian fascism.

“Of course, the tragedy of August 8 will forever remain the unhealed wound, and today we are celebrating the holiday of historical victory, historical justice. It was accomplished thanks to the leadership of the Russian Federation. not only supported, but helped equip and train the Georgian army, "he said.

The President has also noted that South Ossetia is changing from year to year.

"New facilities, roads are being built, the economy is slowly rising. There is serious progress in attracting investment. And this cannot but rejoice," said Anatoly Bibilov and expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Russian Federation, the North Ossetian brothers who are always close to the people of South Ossetia, both in sorrow and in joy...

The head of the South Ossetian state has once again expressed hope for the unification of the Ossetian people "in the name of the future of Ossetia, in the name of the future of young generations."

For his part, Alexey Machnev thanked for the warm welcome and congratulated the people of the Republic on a significant holiday - the 13th anniversary of the recognition of the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation.

"This is a holiday of the Ossetian people both in the south and in the north of Ossetia. And August 26 is not just a red date of the year, it is, indeed, a holiday with tears in eyes, a holiday suffered and deserved. I am convinced that there is a bright and good future in South Ossetia. Much has been done and there will be new achievements. And we will always be there to help you working for creation. Peace, tranquility and prosperity to you, "he said.

A delegation of North Ossetia, headed by Speaker of the Parliament Alexei Machnev, arrived in Tskhinval to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the recognition of South Ossetia's independence by Russia. The delegation has included representatives of the legislative and executive authorities of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

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