In Tskhinval has been given the last honors to Alan Dudayev, perished during the special operation to protect Donbass

Sun, 05/06/2022 - 18:12

South Ossetia has given the last honors to the volunteer Alan Dudayev, perished during the special operation to protect Donbass.

Together with Alan Dudaev, his friend Oleg Alborov was killed with whom they had participated in hostilities in the Donbas since 2014 as part of the volunteer detachment. The warriors died a heroic death on June 1 while performing a combat mission.

The leadership of the Republic, headed by President Alan Gagloev, friends of the deceased, and members of the public came to pay last tributes to the hero.

The words of deep sorrow to the relatives and friends of the deceased were expressed by the head of state.

“It is very difficult to realize, it is tragic that such times have come when we are grateful that we can bury our fallen heroes with honors in our native land. After all, many of the fallen fighters have not yet been found. With pain in my heart, I bow my head to the family of the hero. Of course, no words of support now can drown out the pain of loss,” he said, referring to the family of the deceased.

By the decree of the head of state, Alan Bagaev was awarded (posthumously) the Medal "Defender of the Fatherland". The President has stressed that the name of Alan Dudayev, along with the other heroes of South Ossetia, will remain unforgettable.

“The memory of the fallen has no statute of limitations. The names of our fighters, who showed examples of unshakable courage and bravery, will forever remain in our hearts,” he said.

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