Archive - 23/2/2013

Sat, 23/02/2013 - 18:39

A grand meeting was convened in Tskhinval on the occasion of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

In Tskhinval has been convened a grand meeting, dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and to the 20th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Ossetia. The festive event was attended by President of the Republic Leonid Tibilov, government representatives, Ambassador to the Republic of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoev, Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Elbrus Kargiev; many guests arrived in the Republic for celebrating February 23.

Sat, 23/02/2013 - 16:31

Triumphal tour of "Simd" in Nicaragua

The South Ossetian State Song and Dance Group "Simd" has been concertizing in the fraternal Republic of Nicaragua with great triumph. As IA "Res" was reported from Nicaragua, today had been given a concert in Matagalpa.