Archive - 26/7/2016

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Tue, 26/07/2016 - 09:45

In Moscow has opened an exhibition of the Ossetian artists 'Naivety simple. Naïvety complex"

A sold-out show was the opening of the exhibition of the Ossetian artists "Naivety simple. Naivety complex " in Moscow Gallery A3 at the end of last week. The exhibition has opened in the framework of the annual festival "South Ossetia" .
According to the curator of the project Tsopan Gassiev, the opening of the exhibition was attended by many guests and journalists.
"Naive creativity of Ossetian artists has attracted considerable interest among art lovers and art critics," - he said.
The exhibition presents works by masters of South and North Ossetia in such an interesting direction as naïve art.
Here are the works of professional artists Khsar Gassiev, Vadim Bezhanov, Olga Maltyzova, Sergei Gassiev, Dmitry Tomaev and the "true naive artists."
The main objective of the exhibition is to draw attention to the creative heritage of the national sculptor Sicko Karkusov.
The festival "South Ossetia" is held annually.
The exhibition is open until August 14.

Tue, 26/07/2016 - 09:42

Richard Bitiev won the tournament "Golden Gloves" in California

Having won at the prestigious tournament "Golden Gloves" in California (USA), boxer Richard Bitiev proved that he is ready to come to "pro".
According to the coach of the athlete Vitaly Slanov, as part of the tournament Bitiev held three fights. In the final match, he knocked his opponent down.
As Richard Bitiev told the news agency "Res", it was easy for him to perform in the tournament.
"Trainings by the famous specialist Abel Sanchez went in my favor - it is a serious experience. Compared to previous fights, I was much more confident ", - he said.
A 21-year-old Richard Bitiev-an amateur boxer stands in the heavyweight division. He is the winner of many Russian and international tournaments - a silver medalist of the championship of Russia, champion of the Ural Federal district, champion of Russia among students in 2014, the winner of the Championship of the Armed Forces.
The coaches of the athlete are Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia and South Ossetia, Vitaly Slanov and a famous American trainer Abel Sanchez.