Archive - 11/6/2020

Thu, 11/06/2020 - 23:23

There are no coronavirus serious patients in South Ossetia, - Georgy Totchiev

The Health Minister of South Ossetia, Georgy Totchiev, told about the condition of coronavirus patients.

“There are no serious patients in the Republic today, fortunately. They continue to be observed by medical personnel, who are provided with all the necessary protective equipment,” he told IA “Res” .

Speaking about the existing problems in the infectious diseases hospital where coronavirus patients are located, Totchiev has noted that there are interruptions in the water supply in the medical institution.

Thu, 11/06/2020 - 23:22

Plus two: during the day in South Ossetia have been detected two new cases of coronavirus

In South Ossetia over the past day have been detected two new cases of coronavirus among the cadets who returned from Volgograd, Anna Gagloeva, Deputy head of the Committee for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare told IA" Res" on Thursday.

"They had clinical presentations, on the 10th day the tests showed a positive result," Gagloeva said.

The first three cases of COVID-19 infection in the Republic were recorded on May 5. In total, there are 68 coronavirus patients during this period, of whom 35 have recovered to date and have been discharged.

Thu, 11/06/2020 - 23:21

Memorial Day for the victims of the Ossetian genocide on June 20 in South Ossetia is declared a day of mourning, - the decree

South Ossetian President Anatoly Bibilov on Thursday signed a decree declaring mourning on the Memorial Day for the victims of the Ossetian genocide on June 20.

"Expressing grief and paying tribute to the dead victims of the Ossetian genocide, expressing condolence to their families and friends, I decree: to declare June 20, 2020 as a day of mourning in the Republic of South Ossetia," the decree of the head of state says.

According to the decree, on the day of mourning throughout the Republic of South Ossetia, the state flags will be lowered.