The sitting of RSO Security Council

Fri, 08/02/2008 - 16:06

Today the sitting of the Security Council of RSO took place. President Eduard Kokoity opened the sitting. The sitting was participated by the Speaker of Parliament Znaur Gassiev as well as the range of heads of ministries and departments. The participants discussed measures on legality observing and struggle with corruption in the Republic. Acting attorney-general of RSO Eldar Kokoev acted as a main reporter. He suggested elaborating and submitting a law of corruption which would allow straggling with this negative occurrence more thoroughly and in complex. Eldar Kokoev also informed participants about the measures undertaking by his department in coping with corruption both in Attorney-general’s office and in the Republic. He emphasized the importance of informing about the undertaking measures and the ultimate transparence of Government organs activities. Although the level of corruption in RSO is much lower then in neighboring regions preventive measures will be of currant importance to avoid full-scale fight with the phenomenon.
Then the internal Minister of RSO Mikhail Mindzaev took the floor on the subject. He noted that in 2007 because of neglect of their duties and abuse of power 18 persons was discharged from the Internal Ministry’s structure. “Presently the attestation of RSO MIA personnel is under way. The employees who will not pass the attestation will not be contracted any longer” noted the head of MIA.
Then the participants met the Head of RSO KGB Boris Attoev. He reported about the measures undertaking by his department on observing the legality while struggling the corruption and in his turn supported the initiative of creation of the law on struggling corruption. “The point is to make the law work, not just accept. In this matter an important role plays responsible attitude of leading employees to their duties and timely informing of population about the undertaking measures” noted Boris Attoev.
The next speaker, Chairman of State committee for control and economic security Batraz Tokazov reported of the activities of his department which came into being 4 months ago. He made public the results of inspections in the ministries and departments on budget credit debts and economic crimes of officials last three years. Batraz Tokaev emphasized that in future such an inspections will be of systematical character.
Then permission to speak was given to the Chairperson of State committee on information and press Irina Gagloeva who mentioned the importance role of mass media in connection with the discussing subject. “To achieve positive result in the struggle with corruption and observance of legality the interaction of law-enforcement bodies and mass media is essential. The population must be aware of the activities of authorities and undertaking measures. This prevent dissemination of rumors creating negative ground in the society due to lack of information” said Irina Gagloeva.
In the conclusion President Eduard Kokoity noted that notwithstanding the low level of corruption in the Republic the struggle with it is essential. “We must struggle with corruption systematically and permanently. Great attention will be paid to prevention of this phenomenon in order to avert its strengthening. We must protect our people from this and lead the matter to the logical end” President stressed. He added that all measures undertaking must be maximally transparent and widely available. “The people must be well-informed, what assure their support and understanding” concluded Eduard Kokoity.

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