Ossetian diaspora have organized commemorative events on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the August War

Sun, 09/08/2015 - 13:13

The events dedicated to the seventh anniversary of the war in August 2008, when the Georgian army attacked peaceful Tskhinval, are being held in many cities and republics of the former Soviet Union initiated by the members of the Ossetian diaspora.
In particular, in the Komi Republic is being marked Memorial Day.
In Adygea, in the city of Maikop are taking place the performances on the theme of courage and heroism of the defenders of Ossetia and Russian soldiers.

The Ossetian association in Vladimir region plans to hold a press conference on the occasion of the Georgian aggression, as well as a meeting with civil society organizations on the theme of the struggle against fascism and Nazism.

Events will be held in the House of youth of the city of Voronezh, in particular, meetings with non-governmental organizations, with the participation of representatives of local authorities, community leaders and youth. The events are led by the head of the Voronezh Diaspora "Farn" Uruzmag Bestaev.

In Rostov-on-Don are meeting with the assistance of the city administration with candles and balloons released into the sky.

In the Volgograd region commemorative events will be held at the monument to the Hero of Russia Denis Vetchinov, who died a hero's death in an unequal battle against the Georgian aggressors.

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