Delegations from Abkhazia and Russia arrived in South Ossetia

Fri, 25/03/2016 - 21:26

The delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia, led by the Vice-President Vitaly Gabniya and State Secretary of the Russian Olympic Committee Andrei Konokotin arrived today in South Ossetia. The guests were accompanied by the head coach of the Russian national team in freestyle wrestling Dzambolat Tedeev. The delegation has also included the Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia on Physical Culture and Sport Bagrat Khutaba.

Near the Russian-South Ossetian border the delegations were met by representatives of the South Ossetian leadership and representatives of the Fund to Support the wounded disabled during the fighting on the territory of South Ossetia in 1989-2008. The guests were welcomed by the President of the organization of war invalids Madina Plieva, Deputy Head of the Presidential Executive Office of South Ossetia Konstantin Pukhaev, Advisor to the President of the RSO on Social Affairs Radion Siukaev, Ambassador of Abkhazia to South Ossetia Alan Elbakiev.

The guests were welcomed by Ossetian tradition with three pies and a cup of a ritual drink. The choir of the state song and dance ensemble "Simd" performed Ossetian and Abkhazian songs.

Vice-President of Abkhazia Vitaly Gabniya expressed gratitude for the warm welcome.

He has noted that the fraternal relations between the two republics each year are strengthened, and wished the residents of South Ossetia peace and prosperity.

"You won in a hard struggle for your independence. The courageous and heroic people of Ossetia are very close to us in spirit and the friendship between us over the years will become stronger ", - he said.

Andrei Konokotin visited South Ossetia for the first time and thanked everyone for the warm welcome.

He called Ossetia a forge of champions and wished Ossetian athletes further achievements.

"Ossetia is worldwide renowned for its sporting achievements. Dzambolat Tedeev is the pride of all Russian sports, "- he said and expressed hope for the development of sports cooperation between Russia and South Ossetia.

Dzambolat Tedeev welcomed the guests on the fertile Ossetian land and thanked them for the visit.

The Russian and Abkhazian delegations have also met today with the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov. The guests also honored the memory of the fallen defenders of South Ossetia and laid flowers and wreaths at the memorial monument.

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