Dmitry Medoev discussed cooperation with Sarkozy's adviser

Fri, 15/12/2017 - 08:39

South Ossetian Foreign Minister Dmitry Medoev discussed cooperation with the Сhairman of the International Association "Friends of the Crimea" Jean-Pierre Thomas, with whom the head of the Republic's Foreign Ministry met during his working trip to Paris.
"I met Jean-Pierre Thomas at the international conference in the Crimea, where was established the international association Friends of the Crimea, the chairman of which he was elected," Medoev said. "Even then, we started discussing some possible joint projects with him."
The Minister has noted that Jean-Pierre Thomas was a deputy of the French Parliament, an adviser to former French President Sarkozy on cooperation with the Russian Federation and was quite informed about the processes around Russia and South Ossetia.
"He was listening very attentively about what South Ossetia is today, about the reconstruction processes in our country," the foreign minister stressed.
He has added that he discussed with Thomas the issues of interaction within the "Friends of the Crimea" Association.
"It is possible that there will be a certain sector in this Association. It will be conditionally called "Crimea-Caucasus", where South Ossetia, naturally, will take its place. That is, these are preliminary discussions, very promising," concluded the Minister.

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