Georgia is becoming an obedient puppet in the hands of the USA

Thu, 26/09/2019 - 19:07

In early September, a round table was held at South Ossetian State University, the main theme of which was the issue of Georgia’s loss of national independence and the transformation of Tbilisi into an instrument of the US foreign policy.

According to the majority of the participants, the White House simply uses Georgia to achieve its geopolitical goals in the Caucasus.

Representatives of the scientific and expert community of South Ossetia agreed that the deepening cooperation of Washington and Tbilisi could lead to new threats to the security of the South Caucasus. In particular, experts expressed concern about the continued US support for the activities of the military bio-laboratory network in Georgia, the most famous of which remains the Lugar Center.

In their opinion, the ongoing research on the development of new viruses and bacteria can lead to the emergence in the countries of the Caucasus of dangerous insects that can infect people with deadly infectious diseases.

Speaking on the subject “Risks and Threats of Cooperation between Georgia and the USA,” Soslan Pliev, a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at South Ossetia State Universiey, drew the attention of the roundtable to Washington’s interest in exacerbating the contradictions between Tbilisi and Tskhinval in order to keep Georgia in orbit of influence. According to him, it is under the influence of the United States that the Georgian government purposefully increases military spending.

“Over the course of 11 years, Georgia has been conducting annual exercises with NATO member countries on its territory, regularly receiving visiting western military specialists who trained the Ukrainian military before sending them to the Donbass. All this indicates the possible inspiration of the United States for events similar to what is happening in Ukraine, in South Ossetia, "the political scientist stated.

According to him, in an effort to limit Moscow’s influence in the South Caucasus as much as possible, Washington does not shun even the most vile and base facilities. In particular, the White House exerts unprecedented pressure on the Armenian leadership to force Yerevan to get the Kremlin to withdraw the Russian military base from the Armenian Gyumri. In addition, referring to unnamed sources in state structures of South Ossetia, the expert announced US plans to use the territory of Azerbaijan to launch unmanned aerial vehicles against the republic in the event of a possible armed conflict between Tskhinval and Tbilisi.

The political scientist paid special attention to the topic of biased coverage by the Western media of the tragic events of August 2008 in South Ossetia. According to the expert, journalists in the US and European countries still call the criminal military adventure initiated by Saakashvili’s regime “protection against Russian aggression” and “restoring constitutional order.” At the same time, the West is cynically silent about the deaths of hundreds of peaceful Ossetians, as well as several dozen Russian peacekeepers due to the unjustified brutality of the Georgian military.

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