South Ossetian karateka became world champions

Mon, 25/11/2019 - 11:28

This is the first case in the sports history of South Ossetia when our athletes became winners and prize-winners of a tournament of such scale.

Arthur Loloev and Donna Dudaeva won gold medals at the all-style karate world championship, which is taking place these days in Moscow, said a trainer Mamed Kulumbegov.

Arthur performed in the weight class up to 72 kg. It is noteworthy that our athlete completed all three of the duels conducted during the tournament ahead of schedule, sending the rivals to knock out.

“Loloev was able to impose on them a favorable manner of fighting and using his tangible superiority in the striking technique of hands,” Kulumbegov said.

Donna Dudaeva became the strongest in the weight class up to 55 kg in the age group of athletes of 14-15 years old.

During her first appearance on tatami, she achieved an early victory by inflicting a powerful circular kick to the head of her opponent. In the second match, Dudaeva was awarded a victory by a referee's decision.

In the finals, the South Ossetian karateka was opposed by a Russian athlete. Following a stubborn battle, the referees decided that Donna performed more effectively and ruled in her favor.

Two more karateka from South Ossetia - Azamat Bestaev and Alan Pukhaev became bronze medalists in the weight class up to 64 and 90 kg, respectively.

This is the first time in the sports history of South Ossetia when our athletes became winners and prize-winners of a tournament of this scale in all-style karate. In addition, the national team of South Ossetia for the first time is taking part in the world karate championship.

Loloev, Bestaev and Pukhaeva performed in the competitive discipline "full contact in means of protection". Rules of duels allow various punches and kicks, a variety of throws, painful and suffocating techniques.

Donna performed in the competition "full contact". In this section, fighters conduct duels without protective equipment. The rules allow a wide arsenal of kicks to head, torso and legs of the opponent, short-term tack and sweeps. Hands are allowed to strike only in the torso.

The world-wide karate championship is held for the first time. About 1,500 athletes from Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Serbia, Cameroon, Nigeria and a number of other countries are taking part in it.

Guguli Valiev
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