The main thing remains the signing of a document on the non-use of force: Bibilov - to the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions


President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov at the meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions on Thursday spoke about the prerequisites for the formation of the Republic of South Ossetia, noting that the decision taken 31 years ago by the Council of People's Deputies of the South Ossetian Autonomous Region was the only correct one.

“We remember very well the genocide of 1920, and all these events served to ensure that the South Ossetian people chose the path of independence from Georgia. And in August 2008 Georgia attacked South Ossetia, which was confirmed in the EU report,” the President said.

Bibilov highly appreciated the Geneva format of negotiations, noting that the main thing remains the signing of a legally binding document on the non-use of force by Georgia against South Ossetia.

"For us it is very important. Based on the current situation, there is a danger that Georgia may move away from internal political problems and direct its forces against South Ossetia,” he stressed.

Anatoly Bibilov highly appreciated the format of the meetings within the framework of the IPRM. The President also raised the issue of the illegally Georgian police post in the village of Tsnelis.

“I hope there will be a solution to this issue, and in many respects, it depends on the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions,” he stressed.

Anatoly Bibilov said that the illegal Georgian post in Tsnelis is a serious hotbed of tension.

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