Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia spoke about the agreements reached during the meeting with Volodin

Fri, 23/12/2022 - 21:08

An agreement was reached with the head of the State Duma of Russia, Vyacheslav Volodin, on the creation of a joint commission of the legislative bodies of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation, Chairman of the South Ossetian Parliament Alan Alborov told reporters, commenting on the results of the working trip of parliamentarians of the Republic to Moscow.

“The meeting was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Vyacheslav Viktorovich invited us to coordinate our actions to create a joint commission. It was noted that at least the deputy chairmen of parliaments should be represented in the commission in order for it to work fruitfully with all committees of the State Duma. And in the future - to meet more than once every six months, identifying the problem, and on a permanent basis to resolve all issues," the Speaker said.

Alborov expressed hope that the commission would be established in the near future.

“I invited Vyacheslav Viktorovich to South Ossetia, and the offer was accepted. I think that in the near future, when preliminary agreements are outlined, a bilateral commission will be created, and by that time we will approximately determine the pressing issues for South Ossetia,” the Speaker said.

The head of the Parliament noted that the commission would solve urgent problems.

“Vyacheslav Viktorovich is very positive. I think our interaction with the State Duma will reach a completely different level. I am sure that this commission, with the help of our Russian colleagues, will solve a lot of topical problems that we encounter from time to time in South Ossetia,” Alborov has emphasized.

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