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Wed, 23/09/2009 - 18:34

On the results of the seventh round of Geneva Discussions

On 17-18 September, the seventh round of Geneva Discussions on security in the Caucasus took place. Special Representative for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev told journalists about this round of talks and its results. According to him, “at the last two rounds of talks, our delegation’s priority issue was the non-use or threat of use of force”.
“It was hard to convince that it was necessary. All delegations had elaborated their drafts on this issue. A day before the meeting, the Co-Mediators had circulated these proposals and upon our arrival in Geneva we had already discussed them. We had firmly criticized them, since these drafts contained everything except security. During the discussion, the head of the Georgian delegation Giga Bokeria stated that Georgia was not going to sign any agreements with South Ossetia and Abkhazia”, said Chochiev.