Archive - 25/10/2013

Fri, 25/10/2013 - 00:21

Georgian Interior Ministry has tried to set a police post between the villages of Znaur district

Another incident involving the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has recently occurred at the state border between South Ossetia and Georgia.
As the news agency "Res" has been informed at the press service of the KGB, the armed Georgian policemen in masks, accompanied by a patrol car of the Interior Ministry and the Defence Ministry for 300 m penetrated into the territory of South Ossetia and attempted to set a post on the road between the villages of Tsnelis and Kalet in Znaur district.
"The police attempted to stop a grader, working on a road and detain the driver, a resident of the settlement of Znaur. After the appearance of the border guards, the Georgian police left the territory of South Ossetia," - told the KGB.
Currently this stretch of the state border is under observation; the situation in the area is calm.