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Wed, 30/10/2013 - 20:36

South Ossetian voluntary group activist has appealed to the head of North Ossetia to assess the activities of the former member of the so-called "Alternative government"

Chairman of the South Ossetian public organization of the families of the dead and missing as a result of the Georgian aggression «Memorial» Alena Gagloeva has appealed to the head of North Ossetia Taimuraz Mamsurov in connection with the public statements of a former member of the so-called "Alternative government" Vladimir Sanakoev, established in 2006 by the Georgian special services and functioning in the Georgian-controlled (up to 2008) territory of South Ossetia.
In particular, the South Ossetian voluntary group activist has focused on the publication of Sanakoev on the website «Caucasian policy» October 22, 2013, which refers to the creation of the public organization "Peace Express" in North Ossetia- Alania.
"I appeal to you to stop such political projects, which, of course, are destabilizing , even extremist, and stop in time such statements and their possible harmful consequences," - the statement reads.
As a result of the Georgian aggression, continues Gagloeva, were killed many civilians and defenders of South Ossetia, the best representatives of the Ossetian people.
"Among the killed are my father and mother. We cannot forget about the Russian peacekeepers, who have given their lives for the achievement of peace in South Ossetia. People of South Ossetia are particularly upset about such statements and actions that offend the memory of those who died for our country. It is hard to imagine that in South Ossetia could have lived a man, who by his actions and statements had offended the memory of our common tragedy in Beslan, when were killed innocent children. No any citizen would wait a minute to stop such offender.
Esteemed Taymuraz Dzambekovich ! I ask you to give a proper assessment to the activities of Vladimir Sanakoev in the Republic of North Ossetia -Alania, "- the statement says.
Commenting on the interview of Sanakoev, the Chairman of "Memorial" has noted that
his so-called "political activity" was always directly linked to the presence of an "employer."
"The whole world community is aware of that peace reigns in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but a traitor Sanakoev doesn`t want to believe in it. Apparently, all these five years, he was in a coma and could not realize how much had changed a political scene,"- said Gagloeva, recalling that the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia has been recognized internationally.
"In general, one should not take seriously the statements by Sanakoev. This is the nonsense of a mentally ill person. But we cannot ignore that the painful illness and fantasies can be used by the interested groups of people with certain political ideas, inspired and ordered by the West to undermine peace and prosperity in our country. Of course, the basic idea of Sanakoev is a desire to get benefit, inflicting harm in the ordered territorial point, whether it is North or South Ossetia. Such elements as Sanakoev cause irritation in the society," - is convinced Gagloeva .

Wed, 30/10/2013 - 12:47

The main goal of Georgia is to discredit the Russian Federation and the national liberation struggle of South Ossetia - Madina Plieva

Public statements of the former member of the so -called "alternative government" of Georgia Vladimir Sanakoev on the website "Caucasian policy" caused indignation of the people of South Ossetia, who had experienced the betrayal of Sanakoev. Sanakoev to this day has not stopped his anti-Ossetian and anti-Russian activities, but now in North Ossetia.
The appeal of the Chairperson of the Fund to support the wounded, disabled in the course of combat activities in the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia Madina Plieva to the head of North Ossetia Taimuraz Mamsurov, in particular, says:
"We – the invalids - members of the South Ossetian Foundation to support the wounded during combat operations in the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia in 1989-2008, appreciate your productive work, your professionalism and incorruptible patriotism.
You are an inspiring example for us, as a real Ossetian, a wise leader and a prominent political figure. We know that you cherish the ideals of unity of the Ossetian people, happiness and well-being of the Great Russia, and our beloved Motherland - Ossetia.
As you know, our Motherland is experiencing difficult times. Georgian fascists do not leave attempts to subjugate South Ossetia. Unfortunately, in doing so, they use the help of some citizens who are formally Ossetians, have Russian citizenship, but having nothing Ossetian or Russian at heart.
Georgian officials, politicians, extremely hostile to South Ossetia and Russia, do not hide the fact that at the present stage, their main purpose is to discredit Russia and the national liberation struggle of the people of South Ossetia. One of those who actively participated in these actions in the second half of the 2000s is a certain Vladimir Sanakoev. To our surprise, after the shameful failure of the attempts by Georgia to seize the territory of South Ossetia, killing or expelling its people, he settled in North Ossetia.
Sanakoev is trying again to come onto the political scene, giving an interview, in which he expresses the intention to return to Georgia and to resume anti-Ossetian and anti-Russian activities.
In fact, he publicly justifies the policy of state terrorism of Georgia against South Ossetia. His appeals not to accept "Russia's recognition of South Ossetia" should not be perceived calmly.
We express confidence, Mr. Mamsurov, that based on your wisdom, you will make the right decision, following the supreme long-term interests of the Ossetian people, considerations dictated by concern for peace among nations, opposition to any kind of extremism and anti-state activities , no matter where they occur."
It should be reminded that Vladimir Sanakoev is a traitor of the Ossetian people, who took the side of the Saakashvili regime and received from his hands a Georgian passport, now trying to establish in North Ossetia a public organization "Peace –Express."