Geneva talks focused on humanitarian aid to population of South Ossetia

Fri, 20/02/2009 - 14:47

The South Ossetian Delegation to Geneva talks had met with officials of UN OCHA and discussed issues related to humanitarian aid for the population of South Ossetia, reported Boris Chochiev, the RSO Plenipotentiary for Post-conflict settlement.
According to Chochiev, "it was stated that we would appreciate and accept humanitarian assistance if it were sent directly to South Ossetia without politicizing the problem".
He also mentioned that "all international agencies should send their representatives to South Ossetia to discuss the mechanisms for delivery of humanitarian assistance".
Boris Chochiev stressed that "the SO delegation to Geneva talks had also met with the Special Representative of OSCE Chairmanship Ambassador Christopoulos. Issues related to OSCE presence in South Ossetia as well as the cooperation between the OSCE and South Ossetia were discussed. "On 19 February, we will be having a meeting at OSCE HQ in Vienna with a more in-depth discussion".

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