Georgia-USA: Concurring interests against the background of the growing biological threat

Sun, 21/04/2019 - 10:27

This week, a delegation of the US Congress visited Georgia and held a meeting with the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Irakly Kobakhidze. After mutual assurances of the value of the US-Georgian relations, which, according to Kobakhidze, are “future-oriented,” the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament has concluded that a close strategic partnership between Georgia and the United States is based on a coincidence of the regional political interests.

“Our countries are interested in stability and peace in the region so that the countries of the region make an independent choice in the direction of international and domestic orientation and development,” the Georgian parliamentarian added.

Against the background of the growing biological threat posed by Georgia due to the activities of the network of the American military bio laboratories, the duty statements of the Georgian and American politicians take on a different meaning.

What are the coinciding regional interests of the United States and Georgia if the surrounding countries are increasingly forced to close their borders to quarantine, fearing the spread of epidemics from the Georgian territory?

It should be reminded that until recently, the quarantine was imposed on the southern boundary of the RSO. Precautionary measures on the border with Georgia were taken by the relevant services of Russia. Cases of the spread of "swine" flu and other diseases from Georgia were also noted in Armenia. In addition, fearing the spread of "swine" flu, at the airport of the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, all Georgian citizens were obliged to be checked by sanitary doctors.

Despite the abolition of restrictions, the main springboard of American influence in the Caucasus continues to be a hotbed of biological threat.

During the recent meeting of the President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, with the delegation of the Defense Ministry of Russia, he, for his part, again drew attention to the danger posed by biological laboratories in Georgia.

There were shown wrong labs

Alarming statements continue to be heard from high-ranking Russian officials, diplomats and politicians. The actions of the Georgian authorities, who invited journalists and experts from different countries, to see on the spot the work of the R. Lugar Public Health Research Center. in Tbilisi did not convince the Russian side.

As the Moscow-Tallinn-Tbilisi-Nur-Sultan video link, former Russian Chief Medical Officer, the State Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko, noted this week, that there were no such infections in Georgia that would require a laboratory with such a high level of protection.

“For your medical practitioners, the level of protection that is there is not needed. You do not have such infections, thank God, for which these laboratories are intended,” Onishchenko said. According to him, in the Lugar laboratory there are special rooms with a high level of protection, which are equipped for the accumulation of pathogenic material.

“The labs you show us are not the labs. There are other laboratories there, with a higher level of protection, which are designed to conduct certain research. Therefore, what we are shown is a legend, not very convincing for specialists,” he said.

Russian experts still believe that the Lugar laboratory is aimed at offensive goals, including the creation and using of military biological formulations. “It has no other use. Giorgadze is right,” stressed the former chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation.

It should be reminded that earlier ex-Minister of State Security of Georgia, Igor Giorgadze, presented to the public the documents proving the conduct of experiments on people in the center of Lugar in order to create biological weapons.

In particular, according to him, under the guise of treatment for hepatitis C, patients were tested on the drug Sovaldi by the American pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences, one of whose owners is former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. As a result of the tests, more than 70 people died.

On the basis of the data obtained, Russian specialists believe that in reality, under the guise of treatment, the Lugar Center evaluated the effectiveness of a highly toxic chemical or biological agent with a high mortality rate.

The activities of American bio labs in Georgia were discussed at one of the previous rounds of the Geneva discussions, where representatives of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia demanded from the Georgian party answers to questions about the true nature of the research conducted in the Lugar center.

The United States’s assertion that they no longer own the laboratory did not convince the Russian authorities, since, according to the information available, even the public utilities and security of the facility are paid for by the United States.

New strains of measles as a way to develop technologies for the spread of epidemics

The situation for Russia is complicated by the fact that the Lugar Center is only a link in the chain of military-biological objects created by Americans in the territory of the post-Soviet countries. In particular, in recent years, an extensive network of laboratories has been created in Ukraine, in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and a number of other republics. As a result, various epidemics almost immediately increase in these states.

For example, in recent months, an outbreak of measles has been observed in Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan. As a result, according to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), Ukraine ranked second in the world, and Georgia - the third in terms of measles spread.

According to this indicator, only Madagascar is ahead of these two republics, where the “color revolutions”.

In Kazakhstan, which is also affected by the measles epidemic, do not hide their anxiety about this. According to the chief state sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan, Gendarbek Bekshin, high-tech studies were conducted to identify the causes of the strains of measles that are not typical for Kazakhstan, which showed that they also caused the epidemic in Ukraine.

“We obtained the results of a genomic study of pathogens that circulate among patients in Kazakhstan. The study showed that the strain “B”, which circulates to a greater degree in Kazakhstan, has the genetic lines “Dublin” and “Kabul”. Of these, especially "Kabul" is very toxic. It caused an outbreak in Ukraine,” noted Gendarbek Bekshin.

According to the information of Kazakh physicians, these two strains have never before been distributed in Kazakhstan, therefore, neither vaccinated children nor adults are immune to them. Experts believe that we are talking about new strains that are resistant to the old vaccines that were bred in the laboratory.

They believe that the new strains are designed to conduct tests for the possible spread of other, more dangerous diseases in the future.

Considering that Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan border on Russia, their territories are convenient for developing technologies for the spread of epidemics, as well as analyzing the ability of health systems to withstand and quickly cope with the epidemic.


Alan Dzhioev, for the IA “Res“

Алан Джиоев, для ИА "Рес"
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