He gave his life to the fight against fascism. In Tskhinval, Vladimir Kozaev (Khitor) was carried off on his last journey

Wed, 22/06/2022 - 22:58

In South Ossetia, a volunteer Vladimir Kozaev (Khitor), perished during Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, was carried off on his last journey.

A civil memorial service was held on Wednesday in Tskhinval.

Hundreds of citizens came to see off the last journey of the deceased, including Prime Minister Konstantin Dzhussoev, Chairman of the Parliament Alan Tadtaev and Acting Minister of Defense Vladimir Pukhaev.

A veteran of the OMON of South Ossetia, Dzhemal Kozaev, talking about the deceased volunteer, noted that he had been holding a machine gun in his hand since the age of sixteen.

“Vladimir began military service at the age of 16, they wanted to refuse him because of his age, but he insisted on his own. In 2008, he also defended his homeland from the Georgian aggressor, served in a special police detachment, where he showed himself heroically and a true professional.

In 2004, he went to defend the Donbass, for high merits in the fraternal republic, upon returning to his homeland, he was presented a state award. Unfortunately, he perished during the special operation in Ukraine, giving his life to the fight against fascism,” Kozaev said.

Vladimir Pukhaev has noted that Kozaev is the defender of Ossetia, who gave his life as a hero, and such heroes should remain in the memory of the people.

By the decree of the President of the Republic, Vladimir Kozaev was posthumously awarded the medal "Defender of the Fatherland". The head of the defense department presented the medal to the mother of the deceased.

Vladimir Kozaev was 34 years old. A 12-year-old daughter was left without a father.

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