Despite difficulties with logistics, South Ossetia will continue to take part in the Geneva discussions, - Foreign Minister


The Geneva discussions are the only international platform where South Ossetia has the opportunity to discuss various issues, - said Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, Akhsar Dzhioev.

“The Geneva discussions are our only international platform, which since 2008 is a place where our side, like our partners from Abkhazia with the support of Russia and other international institutions, has the opportunity to discuss various issues,” said Dzhioev.

He has stressed that security and humanitarian issues are discussed at this platform, and they are important for the Republic.

“We have also touched upon this issue at the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. We have a unified approach to this issue and in the future we will also act in a coordinated manner,” the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic has noted.

Dzhioev has added that South Ossetia will continue to participate in these meetings, but has noted with regret that some logistics issues have become more complicated recently, noting that this is due to unfriendly steps by a number of European countries.

"Despite the difficulties with logistics, we will try to continue to participate in the work of this international platform," Dzhioev has stressed.

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