Media representatives of South Ossetia took part in the international media forum

Thu, 25/05/2023 - 23:00

Journalists of the State Television and Radio Company "IR" of South Ossetia spoke about the tourism potential of the Republic at the XVII International Media Forum "Dialogue of Cultures" in St. Petersburg.

Maria Kotaeva, Chairman of the Information and Press Committee of the Republic, told the news agency "Res" that the Forum was held on May 19-21 at the State Hermitage Museum in the northern capital of Russia.

“South Ossetian journalists have become participants in serious trainings organized by the Commonwealth of Journalists media congress in the Hermitage. Previously, the selection of participants was held, South Ossetia was represented by a correspondent and cameraman of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "IR". This media forum was designed for mass media representatives with experience, bloggers, for people in our profession who are in love with their work. Trainings for the forum participants were conducted by the most highly qualified specialists in the field of journalism,” Kotaeva noted.

As Agunda Gobozova, a participant in the media forum, correspondent of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company IR, told the news agency "Res", the Forum was organized at the highest level.

“More than 350 journalists from around the world took part in the event. The program of the event was rich. All journalists presented a variety of materials; we showed a news story about the tourism opportunities of South Ossetia. In the material, we presented the opening of the ski season in the village of Tson,” she shared.

According to Gobozova, various meetings, conferences, excursion trips were organized for the Forum participants.

“I would like to note that thanks to participation in this Forum, we were able to establish contacts with many journalists and get acquainted with their work. We will keep in touch with them in the future,” she said.

For 16 years already, Dialogue of Cultures has been one of the largest platforms in Russia for the exchange of opinions and professional experience between representatives of various areas of traditional journalism and new media. More than 300 journalists become participants of the forum every year.

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