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Wed, 28/03/2007 - 16:24

Is NATO necessary to Georgia?

One should partly envy to the zeal of the Georgian management head by M.Saakashvili in the question of entry into NATO.
All the Georgian people day and night works at the embodiment of the American ideas, and the latter (the Americans) sleep and see, when Georgia will enter the North Atlantic alliance.


Tue, 27/03/2007 - 10:05

The post of the Russian peacemakers is fired

In the night from March, 25th for March, 26th at 00.30 the check point of the Russian peace-making battalion in the area of the Georgian settlement Megvrekisi has undergone shelling. The fire from the small arms was conducted from the distance of 150 metres, where the bus stop on a line Gori-Tskhinval is located. The check point has been brought to alert with occupation of the fire positions. The reciprocal fire was not opened. There are no victims from the military men of JPKF. The correspondent of «Res» was informed about it by the assistant of the commander of JPKF on work with the mass-media the captain Vladimir Ivanov.

Tue, 27/03/2007 - 09:53

Michail Mindzaev: «There wasn"t any ambush!»

«There wasn"t any ambush! », the Minister of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia Republic Michail Mindzaev has declared to the journalists, making comments on the message of the Georgian mass-media about the incident at the village Didmukha.
« The Georgian special troops have driven on the territory of South Ossetia Republic, the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tried to stop them but in reply to that the employees of the Georgian special troops have opened fire. As a result of the compelled reciprocal fire two Georgians have been liquidated», the minister has informed.


Sun, 25/03/2007 - 18:16

The Advisory Meeting of JCC has come to the end

The advisory meeting of the Joint Control Commission on settlement of the georgian-ossetian conflict has come to the end in Istanbul (Turkey). In the course of the meeting took place the attempt of the Georgian side to impose the discussion of a certain unilateral plan of Georgia on the other participants. The co-chairman of JCC from the south-ossetian side Boris Chochiev has declared that each of the constantly varying Co-chairmen of JCC from the Georgian side comes with a certain «new program», not adequating to the earlier signed agreements. Thus it has become customary to them not only to criticize their predecessors, but also to refuse of those decisions, that have been taken earlier.


Thu, 22/03/2007 - 12:59

The statement of the ministry of foreign affairs of South Ossetia Republic

Not possessing the sufficient political will and, obviously, the competence for conducting a productive dialogue, directed at real settlement of the georgian-ossetian conflict and the overcoming of its heavy consequences within the limits of the internationally recognized negotiating format, the Georgian management prefers the game of a puppet theater. For making semblance of the georgian-ossetian dialogue and attracting the attention of the international community to it, the management of Georgia prefers using the sham «alternative government of South Ossetia», organized in Tbilisi and located in the zone of the georgian-ossetic conflict with the support of the Georgian state budget.

Thu, 22/03/2007 - 12:54

The Session of the Parliament of South Ossetia Republic

Today has taken place the next session of the Parliament of South Ossetia Republic. The session was presided by the Chairman of the Parliament Znaur Gassiev. In the course of the work the deputies has introduced amendments into the Law of South Ossetia Republic « About the state budget for 2006 » in connection with the changes of the profitable and the expenses account parts of the budget. Shurvan Kokoev, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on budget, explained the essence of the changes. He has asked to speak the Minister of Finance Aza Khabalova, that article-by-article has acquainted the gathered with the expenditure of the budget.

Thu, 22/03/2007 - 12:52

The Meeting in the Government of South Ossetia Republic

The Chairman of the Government of South Ossetia Republic Juriy Morozov has held a meeting with the minister of transport, capital and road building of South Ossetia Republic Rudolf Tskhovrebov and with the representatives of the limited company "Vladikavkazstroy " Juriy Urtaev and Anatoliy Kumaritov.The questions on completion of the construction works at a number of objects of the republic and the preparation for rehabilitation works at new objects were considered at the meeting.


Tue, 20/03/2007 - 11:27

The Message of the Operative Staff of JPKF

In the night from March, 18th for March, 19th from 0.10 till 1.30 was carried out the visit of the group of monitoring of the military observers and the officers of the Mission of OSCE with the purpose of finding-out of the circumstances of the fact of infringement of the agreements on cease-fire between the sides in the area of the settlements Zemo Nikozi and Gudzhabaur.

Tue, 20/03/2007 - 11:25

Today is the Memorial Day of the victims of the Eredvi tragedy in South Ossetia Republic

Today is the Memorial Day of the victims of the Eredvi tragedy.
On March, 18th, 1991 the Georgian armed formations captured the lorry with the peace inhabitants of an ossetian nationality, moving to their villages. After brutal tortures and mockeries the 12 persons have been buried alive in a tomb, having become brotherly to them. To find the burial place and to identify the victims became possible only two years later, in 1993.