Archive - 20/2/2008

Wed, 20/02/2008 - 16:55

TransKam is blocked due to the heavy snowfall

The road services can not cope with continuous avalanches. Besides the road numerous villages are blocked by snow, reported to “Res’ correspondent representative of RF Emergency Control Ministry Vladimir Ivanov. «A heavy snowfall continues at highlands. According to synopticians predictions it may last for two days.

Wed, 20/02/2008 - 16:54

Murat Djioev: «After Kosovo precedent we will be acting more resolutely striving for international recognition of our really existing state»

«On 17 of February eventuated declaration of independence of Kosovo and its subsequent recognition by a number of states. Thus precedent created of recognition of new states as well as a new approach to conflicts resolution. Considering inadmissible selective use of the principals and models in prejudice of democratic will of peoples in international practice, South Ossetia more than once stated Kosovo’s strive for independence is not precedent for it. Peoples of South Ossetia long before Kosovo proclaimed their statehood in accordance with international law and the then working legislation of USSR. However, the recognition of Kosovo must become a precedent for recognition of four unrecognized states at the post soviet space without fail, the more so since they has more legal and moral grounds for that»-said Murat Djioev.