Archive - 4/2/2012

Roin Kozaev was eliminated from the list of candidates for president of South Ossetia

A presidential aspirant of South Ossetia, a Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Kozaev Roin Raminovich has not passed an exam on knowing the official languages (Ossetian and Russian) of the Republic, which is a prerequisite for registration of presidential candidates. As a result of the exam, which includes a dictation and a speech on the same topic in the Ossetian and Russian languages, Kozaev got a "fail." The decision was fixed in the final minutes of the linguistic commission. On Monday, February 6, the Central Election Committee will convene a meeting and make a decision on refusal of registration Roin Kozaev as a presidential candidate. It should be noted that Roin Kozaev first of the presidential aspirants has taken an exam on the official languages qualifications. It should also be reminded, that two linguistic commissions on revealing qualifications of the state languages of the Republic of South Ossetia- Russian and Ossetian - have been created by the CEC decision.

The Communist Party of South Ossetia has nominated Stanislav Kochiev as presidential candidate

At the conference held today in Tskhinval the Communist Party of South Ossetia has nominated a party leader Stanislaw Kochiev as the candidate for president of the Republic. The decision was made by secret ballot. Out of 167 delegates of the city and district party committees, attended the conference, 155 voted for nomination of Kochiev, 4 - against.