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Vadim Pukhaev: the first dead and wounded fell down on the floor of the truck, and I realized that we were being fired

Genocide May 20, 1992
Vadim Pukhaev, born in 1971

May 20, 1992 I, with my brother and my friend, were standing on a railway crossing in Tskhinval, waiting for a bus. We wanted to reach the village of Java along the bypass Zar road. At about 9:00 am a truck drove up to the bus stop, covered with tent: the driver said he would take us to Java. About 25-30 people, including us, sat in the truck body and near the village of Zar the car fan belt broke off. We were forced to stop. A lot of cars were passing in the direction of Java. After some time, the driver started the engine and we moved on. In the truck were also sitting women, children and the old people.

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In South Ossetia will be commemorated the victims of the Zar tragedy

May 20 in South Ossetia, will be commemorated the Day of Memory and Grief. Exactly 21 years ago, the Georgian neo-fascists on the bypass road Tskhinval-Zar-Dzau from ambush brutally shot dead 33 people, mostly women, old people and children – the civilians who had left their homes Tskhinval, being shelled constantly at that time. The youngest of the victims was 11 years old.