Archive - 21/6/2021

Mon, 21/06/2021 - 19:42

South Ossetian Foreign Minister - on another initiative of Georgia: the expression - "the West will help us", is taking on real shape

The next initiatives of Georgia in South Ossetia are considered as another humanitarian aid to the budget of several dozen Tbilisi families, Foreign Minister of the Republic Dmitry Medoev said in a comment to the" Res" news agency.

"It seems that the classic expression -" the West will help us "is taking on real shape ...", - said the Minister.

Medoev has reminded that the Republic has already gone through a number of similar projects, starting from the time of the early Saakashvili (the then president of Georgia).

Mon, 21/06/2021 - 15:13

South Ossetia will mark the Day of Memory and Mourning

On the Day of Memory and Grief on June 22, a number of significant events will be held in South Ossetia, prepared by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic.

As Minister of Culture Zhanna Zasseeva has informed the IA "Res", the theatrical performance "Requiem" was prepared jointly with the Ministry of Education of the Republic, which will be shown on June 22 at 19:00 in the assembly hall of the Tskhinval gymnasium "Albion".