Archive - 30/4/2022

Thank you for peace: Russian border guards came to the aid of South Ossetia 13 years ago

Russian border guards started joint border protection on April 30, 2009, when an agreement was signed between Russia and South Ossetia on joint efforts to protect the state border. Since then, Russian border guards have been guarding the borders of South Ossetia together with their South Ossetian counterparts, together protecting peace and security in the Republic.

Saturday marks 13 years since the signing of the Agreement and 13 years since the establishment of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia in South Ossetia.

Sat, 30/04/2022 - 10:14

The protection of compatriots abroad was discussed during the video conference of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation with the participation of South Ossetia

The Public Chamber of Russia hosted a videoconference “Massive Violation of the Rights of Russian Compatriots Abroad on the Grounds of Citizenship, Nationality and Language: How to Counteract This”.

The videoconference was attended by compatriots from all over the world - South Ossetia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Abkhazia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and others.