Tarzan Kokoity is out of presidential race


A presidential aspirant of South Ossetia, the former presidential representative in the RSO Parliament Tarzan Kokoity has applied to the CEC that he will not participate in the presidential campaign.
As reported to IA "Res" by the CEC Chairman Bella Plieva, "the application has been submitted to the CEC today and was acknowledged." Tarzan Kokoity himself has informed IA "Res", that he is convinced of correctness of his decision.

"I has been thinking for a long time and decided to withdraw from the electoral process, because, in my opinion, participation in this race is unreasonable for me", - he underlined. Currently, the CEC is also considering the registration or refusal to register the remaining candidates nominated by the action groups of citizens and political parties. It should be reminded that the Central Election Committee of South Ossetia for today has officially registered only one presidential candidate - former chairman of the KGB Leonid Tibilov. Another six candidates passed the examination in knowing the official languages of South Ossetia (including Tarzan Kokoity - Ed.);- this is obligatory for registration as a presidential candidate. However, the CEC has not yet made a formal decision to register the presidential aspirants, who passed the exam.
The CEC will publish the final list of registered candidates eligible to participate in presidential elections on February 29.
Re-election of the President of South Ossetia is scheduled for March 25.

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