Tskhinval Mayor reported the data on damage caused to the city during the Georgian aggression

Tue, 24/03/2009 - 13:13

Because of the Georgian aggression in August 2008, a colossal damage had been caused to housing in Tskhinval. As reported by Tskhinval mayor"s office, the data on damage had been evaluated and recorded thanks to Russian Federation Department "ROSTEKHINVENTARIZATSIA" and Technical Inspection of Tskhinval Mayor"s Office.
The inspection revealed that among 259 inspected houses with the total number of apartments 6,913, 20 houses are to be demolished, 127 were badly damaged, 129 houses were subjected to medium and minor damage. 265 apartments of total 15, 900 sq m, were burnt of fully destroyed," reported the Mayor"s Office. This report includes damage caused to private housing in Tskhinval.

"The aggression resulted in 673 private houses of 678,000 sq m of total space, were burnt or fully destroyed. 2, 606 private houses of 547, 260 sq m were subjected to partial damage," reported the Mayor"s Office. Chechenstroy and Spetsstroy are conducting the reconstruction works at multiple housing on the territory of Tskhinval city. "Chechenstroy is reposnsible for reconstruction of 60 houses, out of which 33 had already been reconstructed, works are ongoing at 9. Spetsstroy is responsible for 32 houses, out of which 25 are already done".

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