The visit of the deputy of the Europarliament Dzhuletto Keza to South Ossetia

чт, 05/04/2007 - 11:06

Dzhuletto Keza, the deputy of the Euro Parliament from Italy, has visited South Ossetia Republic. Today he was accepted by the president of South Ossetia Republic Eduard Kokoyty. Eduard Kokoyty has acquainted the guest with the situation of foreign policy around South Ossetia Republic. After the meeting Dzhuletto Keza has answered the questions of the representatives of the mass media.
He has noted, that the purpose of his visit is the acquaintance with the situation in South Ossetia, so that to inform his colleagues-deputies of the EuroParliament about it. «I have found out that the level of information, that now receives the EuroParliament, is not sufficient to untie the situation in the georgian-ossetian conflict. For that reason I have decided to arrive in South Ossetia, so that to familiarize with the situation more closely, to see all the opportunities for the settlement of the conflict and all that could be done for finding a way out of this situation.
Unfortunately, I do not see many changes since the time of my previous visit in 1991. Then I was for two days here and the shelling of the town did not stop for a minute, the war was very serious. Today there is no war here, but the political question is not solved yet. I am strongly amazed, how the people of South Ossetia live in such conditions for 17 years. I think it is necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible», Keza has told.
On the question of the journalists on the activity of the so-called «alternative government», actively supported by the Georgian management, Dzuletto Keza has answered: «I consider, that the money in the help to the ossetian people is better to use in another way. It is inadmissible, that the money of the European community is spent on the support of the fictitious government. It is really a fictitious government that has nothing common with the real problems of Ossetia and Georgia».
After the meeting with the president of South Ossetia Republic, Dzhuletto Keza has also met with the Chairman of the parliament of South Ossetia republic Znaur Gassiev and with the representatives of the youth organizations of the republic.

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