Relations with Russia are the main vector in the international policy of the Republic - Alan Gagloev

вт, 24/05/2022 - 20:36

South Ossetia has all the opportunities for development thanks to the comprehensive assistance of the Russian Federation, President of the Republic Alan Gagloev said at the inauguration ceremony.

“The most acute geopolitical situation is developing in the world now. This is the moment of the armed clash between good and evil. We believe that the steps taken by our strategic partner, the Russian Federation, are fully consistent with the threat to national security looming over the countries that are part of the “Russian World” orbit. Today and always, South Ossetia will be faithful to its allied duty. We will never forget that it was Russia that came to our aid in South Ossetia in the hour of death and protected the Ossetian people from destruction," Gagloev said.

According to him, relations of alliance and integration with Russia are the main vector in the international policy of the Republic.

“Undoubtedly, the priority direction of our work will be the deepening and development of close ties with fraternal North Ossetia. We also intend to further deepen our relations with all friendly countries whose representatives are present at the solemn ceremony.

Assuming the office of President, I accept the burden of responsibility for every citizen of our country and at the same time I look forward to our joint work. I will be serving with full dedication of my strength in the name of the revival and prosperity of our Republic,” the President has concluded.

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