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Thu, 31/08/2017 - 20:47

On the issue of the "separatism" of South Ossetia

The South Ossetian Soviet Democratic Republic was proclaimed in the USSR on September 20, 1990. In the USSR, the Constitution of the USSR must be observed. And in the Constitution of the USSR it is written that South Ossetia is part of the Georgian SSR. So South Ossetia in fact proclaiming the republic did not withdraw from the GSSR and did nothing to arouse suspicions of separatism.

Thu, 31/08/2017 - 18:14

In Prague will take place the vernisage of the Ossetian artists "Atrium"

In Prague will be opened an exhibition of works by Ossetian artists "Atrium", - told IA "Res" the organizer of the event, Honored Artist of RNO-Alania, laureate of the prize of the Russian Academy of Arts Vadim Pukhaev.
According to him, the exposition will open on September 8 at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Prague.
"During the exhibition, visitors will be able to see more than 40 picturesque and graphic works of the South Ossetian artists, students and teachers of the Republican Lyceum of Arts of the city of Vladikavkaz," Pukhaev specified.



Wed, 23/08/2017 - 17:02

Deportation of the inhabitants of the village of Kob is an act of ethnic cleansing, - expert

Georgian border guards did not allow the residents of the Ossetian village of Kob to travel to Georgia, who decided to celebrate a religious holiday in their native village. Moreover, some without explanation of the reasons in the passport put stamps on deportation for 5 years.
Referring to the orders of their superiors, the Georgian border guards stated that no any Ossetian would come to the territory of the village of Kob.


Sat, 19/08/2017 - 12:24

The proceedings against Tamara Mearakishvili is the internal affair of the Republic, - Murat Dzhioev

The proceedings conducted by the law enforcement agencies against Tamara Mearakishvili, a citizen of South Ossetia, cannot be a subject of discussion at the international level, since it is an internal matter of the Republic, "said South Ossetian Presidential Envoy for post-conflict settlement, Murat Djioev, in his comments to IA Res.
According to him, Georgian authorities raised hysteria around the situation with interrogation of Tamara Mearakishvili, a citizen of South Ossetia and a resident of South Ossetia.




Tue, 08/08/2017 - 14:15

n Tskhinval has been held a commemorative event "Pain imbued with memory"

The "Gergievskaya staircase" in Tskhinval hosted a commemorative event "Pain imbued with memory," dedicated to the ninth anniversary of the war 08.08.08.
Candles, photographs and an endless stream of names of the innocently murdered and mourning music made each of those present to recall shelling and a long wait for rescue in August 2008.
The action began with the video showing "The Beginning of the War in Tskhinval", after which poems were sounded under the strikes of a bell and crying of the Ossetian accordion. .


Fri, 04/08/2017 - 13:33

Georgian communities in Europe try to block the days of Ossetian culture

Georgian communities in the cities of Europe every year try to block the days of Ossetian culture in Europe, told journalists at a press conference in Tskhinval the head of the International non-commercial Association "Renaissance Sandidzan" (Revival).
According to Pukhaev, in 2015 the mayor of the French city - the citadel of Montmedi together with his wife solemnly opened the exhibition of Ossetian artists and even promised to open the same exhibition in a year.