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Mon, 28/10/2019 - 14:44

Photo exhibition on the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yevgeny Primakov has opened in Tskhinval

A photo-documentary exhibition dedicated to the 90th birthday of a prominent statesman of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Primakov opened in the capital of South Ossetia. The exposition was prepared by the Russian Embassy in South Ossetia.

The event was attended by President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic Marat Kulakhmetov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Dmitry Medoev and others.

During his speech, Marat Kulakhmetov spoke about the life and work of the politician and public figure Yevgeny Primakov.


Sun, 27/10/2019 - 23:36

Preserving the identity and resisting the spread of propaganda myths

The 21st World Congress of the Russian Press is being held in Turkey. The event opened in the Turkish capital Ankara and will end on October 27 in Alanya. The congress is organized by the World Association of Russian Press (WARP) with the assistance of the TASS news agency in Russia.

At the same time, currently the congress is being held with the active participation of the World Council of Turkish Journalists and the Association of Russian Culture and Education of Alanya.

Sun, 27/10/2019 - 23:30

South Ossetia is taking part in the "Dialogue for the Future-2019"

Soslan Pliev, Director of the Center for Socio-Political Studies of South Ossetian State University, is taking part in the Dialogue for the Future-2019. The Synthesis of Public Diplomacy and Modern Technologies as a New Trend in International Relations”, which is underway in Moscow from October 21 to 27.

As reported to IA "Res" by Soslan Pliev, the forum is large-scale, attended by representatives of Austria, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Germany, Latvia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries.


Sat, 26/10/2019 - 16:53

Murat Gassiev will not box with Joey Daveiko

On Friday, several regional media reported that the next rival to Russian boxer Murat Gassiev would be American Joey Daveiko.

The information was given to the “15th Region” by the trainer of ex-world champion Vitaly Slanov. “This is false data. There will be no battle with Daveiko,” the coach assured.

Vitaliy Slanov hasnoted that the debut match of the Ossetian athlete in heavyweight will not take place on December 21, as the media write, but on the 20th.


Fri, 25/10/2019 - 20:37

The Governor of St. Petersburg was awarded the Order of Friendship of South Ossetia

The Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, was awarded the Order of Friendship of the Republic of South Ossetia. According to the presidential press service, the award was presented to the Governor by the President of the Republic, Anatoly Bibilov, at the Hermitage Theater as part of the Ossetian Culture Day.

“This award is not for me, but for residents of St. Petersburg. It is a manifestation of friendship, good neighborliness and respect for our city and its inhabitants,” said Alexander Beglov.

Fri, 25/10/2019 - 20:34

Ossetian Days in the Hermitage: a tour of the museum and a collection of Scythian gold

Anatoly Bibilov awarded Alexander Beglov and Mikhail Piotrovsky with Orders of Friendship.

President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, at a meeting with the Director General of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky thanked the leadership of St. Petersburg and the Hermitage for the events held to mark the 270th anniversary of the First Ossetian Embassy in Russia, for organizing the Days of Ossetian Culture in the Hermitage, the presidential press service reports.

Fri, 25/10/2019 - 20:31

South Ossetia and Georgia again have not reached a compromise on the issue of the roadblock in Tselis

The sixth technical meeting of representatives of South Ossetia and Georgia in the format of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM) has been completed, the parties did not come to a compromise on the situation on the state border on the removal of the illegal Georgian roadblock near the village of Uista (Tsnelis) in Znaur district of South Ossetia, told reporters, the head of the South Ossetian delegation, Yegor Kochiev.

Fri, 25/10/2019 - 20:24

South Ossetia insists on the removal of the Georgian roadblock

South Ossetia insists on the removal of the Georgian police post illegally put up in South Ossetia. As the head of the South Ossetian delegation, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative for post-conflict settlement, Yegor Kochiev, told reporters, at the sixth technical meeting in Ergneti on Friday in the format of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM), each party had their own opinion, but there was an understanding, that this incident should be resolved "by purely peaceful means."