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Wed, 30/07/2008 - 14:57

Monitoring for OSCE and peacekeepers

A monitoring team of Joint Peacekeeping Forces in Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone and OSCE Mission military observers arrived at the place of yesterday’s shelling of South Ossetian villages of Sarabuk and Tliakana. This was informed to IA «Res» correspondent by the assistant of JPKF Commander on links with media Vladimir Ivanov.
Last night Georgian side fired Ossetian villages of Sarabuk and Tliakana.


Tue, 29/07/2008 - 16:58

Georgian side fusilladed Ossetian villages Andis and Sarabuk

Georgian side fired with grenade launchers and light weapon Ossetian settlements Andis and Sarabuk. As it was informed to IA «Res» correspondent by the deputy of Defense Ministry Ibragim Gasseev, the shelling started on 29 July early morning from the side of Georgian police and peacekeepers illegal posts.

Tue, 29/07/2008 - 15:47

JPKF Headquarters announcement

On 26 July 2008 from 12:35 to 15:20 JPKF tripartite military observers team and OSCE Mission in concert with water pipeline specialists from Georgian and Ossetian sides monitored Edis – Tskhinval waterpipe. The purpose of the monitoring was to confirm the information of new illegal holes at this section.


Tue, 22/07/2008 - 16:21

Vladimir Ivanov: «Five overflights of aircraft registered in conflict zone»

JPKF observation posts report of another violation of Georgian-Ossetian air space.

During the period from 21:10 19July to 5:05 20 July 2008 five overflights of aircraft were registered in the conflict zone at the heights of 3000 meters observed from the RF JPKF observation posts «Kverneti», «Prisi», «Pauk». Violation of the conflict zone air space is a rough infraction of Joint Control Commission regulations on Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement of 30 July 2002 «Of non-sanctioned flights of aircraft over the zone of JPKF responsibility in Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone».
JPKF Commandment-in-Chief insists on strict implementation of accepted agreements by the sides and on cessation of artificial aggravation of tension in the conflict zone. All the co-chairmen of JCC were informed of the fact of transgression.

Tue, 22/07/2008 - 16:19

Mikhail Mindzaev: «Georgian side has put in claims to release Goginashvili, otherwise the hostages will be tortured every hour»

The Republic of South Ossetia MIA is continuing the negotiations on releasing of peaceful citizens detained by Georgia on 20 July evening. This was stated by RSO Minister of Internal Affairs Mikhail Mindzaev. «Presently we are negotiating with Georgian side on releasing of innocent people. But Goginashvili will not be released until inquiry is over»-said Mindzaev. Teimuraz Goginashvili, born in 1952-Georgian, citizen of RSO, was detained by RSO MIA on suspicion of series of murders with aggravating circumstances.


Mon, 21/07/2008 - 13:59

RSO KGB press service announcement

The Republic of South Ossetia KGB informs that in September 2007 Georgian special services were planning a large-scale terrorist act in Tskhinval. It was planned to plant a bomb in «Alan» hotel which hosted the delegates of VI All Ossetian Forum from different countries. The persons suspected in preparing of this terrorist act were detained by RSO KGB. They gave evidence of getting mission to pass and plant an explosive device in «Alan» hotel on the eve of the VI All Ossetian Forum by the Georgian special services.

Mon, 21/07/2008 - 13:58

Georgian side took four Ossetians hostage

On 20 July approximately at 23:00 the Georgian side took four citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia hostage. As RSO MIA press service has informed they were at their relatives in Georgian town Gori and were detained on their way back.