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Tue, 26/08/2014 - 16:37

The Marsh of the Grateful "Thank you, Russia" took place in South Ossetia

Today, August 26, festive events dedicated to the Day of Recognition of the Independence of South Ossetia began with theatrical procession– the March of the Grateful "Thank you, Russia." The event was attended by the leadership of the Republic, led by President Leonid Tibilov, representatives of the parliament headed by Speaker Anatoly Bibilov, as well as members of the public.
At the beginning of the event the President congratulated the gathered and wished them peace and prosperity.

"Today we have gathered here to celebrate one of the most significant events in the history of our nation - the Day of Recognition of the independence of South Ossetia - said Tibilov. - For six years, we have been building our Republic, strengthening and developing it, as evidenced by the implementation of the 2014 Investment Program to promote socio-economic development of the Republic of South Ossetia . Today, each of us is thankful to the Great Russia, the leadership of the Russian Federation for the recognition of our independence. Long live South Ossetia! Long live our heroic people! ".
Defense Minister Valery Yakhnovets has also congratulated the people of South Ossetia,
"For two decades the people had been striving for this victory. The losses were huge, inhumane living conditions, but the results met all expectations - said Yakhnovets. – The Republic of South Ossetia has gained the independence - Russia recognized it. May God give the citizens of South Ossetia peace and prosperity!"
The event continued with performances of dance groups of South Ossetia.


Fri, 08/08/2014 - 19:03

In South Ossetia paid tribute to the victims of the Georgian aggression in August 2008

In South Ossetia on the night of August 8 took place memorable events dedicated to the sixth anniversary of the Georgian aggression in August 2008. They began with the laying of wreaths and flowers at the worship cross, installed outside the building, where up to 2008 was located the Russian peacekeeping contingent of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces. Russian peacekeepers were the first ones to be attacked by Georgian troops, they were staunchly resisting the aggressor, not allowing entering the town from the south-west.

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 19:02

Leonid Tibilov: In August 2008 the life of the people of South Ossetia was divided into "before" and "after"

Thanks to the brave defenders of South Ossetia and firm decisions of the Russian government, in 2008, in the life of the Ossetian people started a new era, said the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, speaking at the commemorative action "Candle of Memory."
He has expressed his condolences to the families and friends of those killed in August 2008, civilians, Russian and South Ossetian servicemen, saying that thanks to them the South Ossetian people live today in a free Republic.


Tue, 05/08/2014 - 11:27

Geopolitical processes in the post-Soviet space will be discussed at the International Conference in Tskhinval

In Tskhinval on August 8 will be held the International theoretical and practical conference "The Geopolitics of the new world since August 2008. The beginning of the geopolitical re-division and conflict in the post-Soviet space." The organizer of the conference, dedicated to the sixth anniversary of the aggression of Georgia is the State Committee of Information and Press of South Ossetia.


Thu, 31/07/2014 - 12:58

In Ergneti was held a regular meeting of the MPRI

At the state border between South Ossetia and Georgia, in the village of Ergneti was held a regular meeting in the framework of the Mechanisms for Preventing and Responding to Incidents (MPRI).
According to the head of the South Ossetian delegation, Deputy Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of the RSO for post-conflict settlement Khokh Gagloyty, in the course of the meeting were discussed a number of issues, including those relating to the citizens of South Ossetia, kept in Georgian prisons.


Wed, 23/07/2014 - 16:45

The Media of North and South Ossetia signed a memorandum on cooperation

Memorandum on cooperation in the field of information has been signed today by leaders of a number of media in South and North Ossetia.
The Chairman of the State Information and Press Committee of the RSO Vyacheslav Gobozov congratulated the journalists on the Day of the National Media. He has stressed that the signing of the memorandum will give a new impetus to the integration process between North and South Ossetia.



Tue, 15/07/2014 - 14:38

South Ossetia is ready to work constructively in the framework of the Geneva discussions - the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy

The South Ossetian delegation is preparing concrete proposals for the upcoming round of the Geneva discussions on security in Transcaucasia, said in Tskhinval at the meeting with the UN, the OSCE and the EU co- chairs of the Geneva discussions Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev.


Mon, 14/07/2014 - 21:47

Leonid Tibilov: the contribution of peacekeeping forces to the life of people of South Ossetia is invaluable

Deployment of peacekeeping forces in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict has become possible thanks to energetic actions of the Russian Federation to reduce tensions in the region, stated the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, speaking at the ceremonial meeting at the 4th Russian military base in Tskhinval, dedicated to the 22-th anniversary of entry of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces into the Republic.